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Title: 《明妃曲》之同題競作與宋詩之創意研發
Authors: 張高評
Issue Date: Mar-2007
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 揚棄陳窠,追新求變,是脫胎換骨的自覺;前修未密,後出轉精,是各領風騷的策略;苟無新意,不必重作,是競爭超勝的箴言;創前未有,開後無窮,是創造發明的願景。本論文選擇唐宋詩中有關王昭君故事之題詠30首,關注文本基型之「遺妍」,側重宋詩對唐詩典範之挑戰與創意研發,對於前人文本之空白處、未定點、敘事情節之大跨度處,筆墨之外的情韻處,嘗試作縱深開鑿,橫向發揮;或變換敘事視角,或調整人生觀感,或翻案求奇,或無中生有,多可供開發創意,發揮遺妍之參考。要之,宋詩學古通變、創意造語之道,多針對文本作品之模稜處、矇矓處、空白處、否定處、爭議處、粗略處、輕忽處,進行發現、推敲、經營、安排、拓展、建構,其中緣飾、附會、填補、翻轉、杜撰、稼接、聯想、組合、類比、會通諸法,在在可作為吾人開發創意之啟示。宋詩之傳承與創新之道,繼往與開來之方,可於此中探求之。
There are ways to achieve originality of poetry, which are breaking up previous pattern to the pursuit variety of poetry, refining imperfection of the former works and creating a totally brand new thing. Thus, in this thesis its implementation will be discussed with strategies mentioned above with focus on the related stories of Wang Zhaojun in Tang and Sung Dynasty Poetry. Within these stories, the previous pattern's undiscovered beauty and the challenge of Song to Tang poetry will be further discussed in the field of the former works of the unsaid, uncertainty, rough outline, and sentiment beyond words. Therefore, we will learn of the poetry's originality through the spirit of Song poetry, which has inspired and revealed different aspects and various strategies of succession and originality of Song poetry.
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