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Title: 論三袁至交黃輝在書法史上的無影響
Other Titles: No Effect from Three Yuan Brothers ’Intimate Friend Huang Hui in the History of Calligraphy
Authors: 黃明理
Huang, Ming-li
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 黃輝是明神宗萬曆元年(1573)四川解元,十七年(1589)登進士第,選入翰林詞館,同人有焦竑、陶望齡、董其昌、袁宗道等,皆為一時之選,而其詩、文、書、禪無不為人推崇。後與公安三袁往來尤其密切,彼此詩酒談道,每每見於文章詩歌,然後世文學史或書法史中,其名卻闇然不彰。有學者以為黃輝之書法,其實著名當時,影響甚大,今書法史當重新表彰,給予一席之地。本論文則持不同意見,認為:黃輝雖然善書,然一因無名家大力揚舉,二因其專意禮佛悟道,淡於文苑之名,並未積極從事詩書創作與評論,加以中年即長期退隱四川,是以文名書名日漸消匿,遑論在文坫書壇有太大影響。然而,正因其求名之心甚淡,所以書跡自添一股不俗的韻味。於今或可品賞其書藝、推尊其造詣,然實無必要誇稱其在書史上的影響程度。
Huang Hui was a candidate in Sichuan provincial examination in Wanli Emperor Wanli first year (1573) and passed the national highest examination in 1589. Highly praised in poetry, literature, calligraphy and Zen, he went into Hanlin Academy with Jiao Hong, Tao Wangling, Dong Qichang, Yuan Zongdao, etc. Later on, he was close to Three Yuan Brothers and often exchanging ideas and thoughts concerning Tao, presented in articles and poems. However, his name was seldom noted in the history of literature or calligraphy history. Some scholars advocate the re-recognition of his contribution in calligraphy history. Nevertheless, this dissertation will hold a different view: Though Huang Hui was proficient in calligraphy, he was not recommended by experts, and secondly, he was too dedicated in exploring Buddhism to actively engage in calligraphy and calligraphic review. Additionally, he was retired from public and lived in Sichuan in his middle age and therefore had little impact on literary and calligraphic realms. Though in his calligraphy reveals an exceptional charm out from a heart not seeking fame or applause from outside, it is not necessary to over-rated his influence in calligraphy history.
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