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Title: 從優選理論分析華語疊詞的聲調變化
Authors: 吳瑾瑋
Issue Date: Sep-2005
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本篇試從優選理論(Optimality Theory)分析華語疊詞(Reduplicant)的聲調變化(Tonal Chang),聲調變化指三聲變調、輕聲變調與儿化變調。而疊詞如姊姊、講講、好好地、好好兒地等,將其分為不同的類型和不同的運作模式。Cheng(1973)以不同的構詞記號作為類別區分,Yip (1980)則提出聲調複製與否為關鍵的分析,詞彙音韻學(Lexical Phonology)將其置於不同層次來處理。本篇則從優選理論出發,提出以普遍語法中的制約(Constraint)的排序層級(Ranking)不同,來解釋不同類別的疊詞,其聲調變化表現不同的運作。儿化疊詞中構詞和音韻互動的現象,主要是由於對整制約(Alignment)的效應。另外,照應理論(Correspondence Theory)三種關係(Input-Base, Input-RED,Base-RED)的制約排序層級不同,得以解釋這些疊詞聲調變化不同的運作。
In this paper three types of tonal changes in Mandarin reduplicants are reanalyzed in the Optimality Theoretical framework (Prince & Smolensky 1993, McCarthy & Prince 1993, 1994, 1995, 1999). The underlying tones of the kinship-noun reduplicant jie jie ‘sister’ and the general reduplicant haw haw ‘good’ are the third tones. The following tones of the reduplicants change to the neutral tone through the Neutral Tone Sandhi Rule. The third tone of the preceding syllable haw changes by undergoing the Third Tone Sandhi Rule (Shih 1997) but the preceding tone of jie lie does not, neither the preceding tone of r-suffixation reduplicant haw hawr ‘in a good way’ does. Especially, the following tone of the r-suffixation reduplicant changes to the high tone. The proposals of morphological marking (Cheng 1973) and tone-copying principle (Yip 1980) and the Lexical Phonology frameworks do not give the complete explanations for the three types of tonal changes. Optimality Theory suggests the Reduplication model where there are three correspondence relationships, Input-RED (IR), Input-Base (IB), Base-RED (BR). Through the ranking of the constraints concerning the IR, TB, BR correspondence, the problems of three types of tonal changes are analyzed nicely.
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