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Title: 《國色天香》、《萬錦情林》合刊本傳奇類書化現象研究
Other Titles: Studying of the Encyclopedic Phenomenon in Guosetianxiang and Wanjingqinglin
Authors: 林雅玲
Lin, Ya-ling
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 萬曆年間金陵、建陽書坊先後出現以才子佳人故事為主體的傳奇合刊集。該種圖書多為上文下文兩欄定式,與坊間上圖下文之通俗小說有異。本文以《國色天香》、《萬錦情林》為觀察中心,從書之版式、上下欄內容、故事類型、敘事載體、插圖等進行研究,試圖釐清此類圖書之本質。研究結果顯示,合刊本傳奇專為生員士子所設,供讀書人解睡之用,故多編才子佳人故事;其次為方便準備科考及生活實用,上欄兼收帖括文、聯對等,全書類似文化百科類之書。此類傳奇合刊集出版目的與通俗小說服務新興市民讀者略有不同,而從讀者群層次差異,也可窺出書坊主雅、俗不同之出版理念,在中國小說出版史上具特定時代意義。
During Wan-li period there were some novels published at Jinglin and Jianyang bookshops. These books were divided into two columns of words, which were different from the traditional novels with pictures in the upper and words in the lower column. This thesis is focused on the study of the forms, contents, pictures and styles of these novels in order to understand why these books were edited in such way and who the readers were. After research I was found that there were romances in the main column and there were many different kinds of literary works such as jokes, poems, old proses and poetic couplets etc in the other column. They were similar to encyclopedia. These novels could be edited only for the intellectuals instead of the ordinary readers. One reason they read these novels was romances could be a way to escape from the frustration in their real lives. And the other reason is that different kinds of contents were very helpful to their official examinations. So while they enjoy reading the romances, they could also take a look at the other contents and prepare for the examinations.
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