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Title: 苦悶年代下的性格書寫
Other Titles: Character Writing of A Depressed Age: Discussion on Ouyangzi's Novels of Growth Career
Authors: 石曉楓
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文意在藉由文本的重新理解,釐清歷來評論者對於歐陽子小說所產生的誤解。歐陽子作品多書寫青少年成長歷程,本文依此將其主題區分為「愛欲探索」、「自我肯認」、「文化衝突」三大面向;並借鑒精神分析學、自我心理學等的運用與剖析,體現出歐陽子作品注重內在刻畫的心理小說特色。經由對於文本的細微辨析,論證其成長歷程書寫與個人學院生活經驗的關聯性,以及內在心理寫實之深刻,從而駁斥論者對於歐陽子小說盲目學步西方、脫離台灣社會現實,以及悖德亂倫的批判。歸結言之,歐陽子以理性客觀之筆調創作小說,將內容聚焦於青年男女的心理困惑,在寫實的學院場景裡構設情境、自我想像,從而鋪衍、探測青年內在陰暗面,由此展示晦澀的青春歲月裡,一場場少女自擬的、苦悶的生活實象,並成就一九六○年代成長歷程書寫的特殊景觀。
The article aims to clarify some misunderstanding commentators used to have toward Ouyangzi’s novels. Most of Ouyangzi’s works are concerned with the growth career of the young. In the article, we will discuss from threeaspects – desire exploration, self-identification and culture conflict. By way of psychoanalysis and ego psychology, we argue that Ouyangzi’s emphasis on internal description is just the characteristic of psychological novels. Ouranalysis also shows that her writing of the growth career has close relationship with academy life and the deep of her realistically internal writing. The finding refutes the criticisms that Ouyangzi imitates the skills of the western literature blindly, departs from Taiwan society and goes against morality. To sum up, Ouyangzi’s writing, being reasonable and objective, focuses on the mental confusion of the young. In a realistic setting, she creates contexts, imagines and tries to explore the dark side of the young’s mind. She therefore displays the self-drafted and depressed sides of real life one by one in the young ages, and exemplifies a special way of 1960’s writing of the growth career.
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