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Title: 二代健康促進學校菸害防制行動研究計畫評價
Authors: 張鳳琴
Fong-Ching Chang
Chnan-Cheng Yen
Chieh-Hsing Lin
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 教育部於2010年提出「二代健康促進學校」鼓勵學校透過行動研究推動實證為導向的健康促進學校計畫,按計畫的特色為學校結合教育局資源、地方輔導團與中央輔導委員(大學教師)的支持網絡體系共同推動。本研究皆在評價臺南某國中推動二代健康促進學校菸害防制行動研究方案對學生菸害認知、態度、吸菸行為及二手菸暴露等影響,介入措施依健康促進學校六大範疇(學校健康政策、健康教學、健康服務、社會環境、社區關係、健康服務)策略推動。本研究以學生自填問卷方式進行,於2011 年3 月計有809名學生完成前測問卷填答, 2011 年6 月計有736名學生完成後測調查。結果顯示,在前測, 6.9% 學生表示在過去30 天曾吸菸, 8.7%學生表示在過去一星期在學校曾有人在面前吸菸, 47.7%在家曾有人在面前吸菸。此外,介入前後測被定分析顯示,學校菸害防制行動研究方案結合無菸家庭活動介入可顯著降低學生在家中的二手菸暴露,提升學生菸品危害的認知,降低吸菸行為與購菸行為,建議持續推動實證菸害預防教育及強化社區結盟。
Taiwan launched the evidence-based Health Promoting Schools (HPS) program with an action research approach in 2010. The program featured a collaborative partnership between local schools, the city/county Education Bureau, and a support network made up of local experts and universities.The present study is focused on evaluating the effects of the program on youth smoking knowledge,attitudes, smoking status, and secondhand smoke exposure. The intervention incorporated the six components of the HPS that include school health policies, curriculum/activities, school physical environment, school social environment, community relations, and school health services. A self-administered questionnaire survey was conducted. A total of 809 students completed the pre-test survey in March 2011 , while 736 students completed the follow-up survey in June 2011. The results of the pre-test indicated that 6.9% of students reported smoking during the past month, and that secondhand smoke exposure at school and at home was 8.7% and 47.7%, respectively. The GEE analysis results indicated that a tobacco control action research program combined with a smokefree home campaign significantly decreased students' household secondhand smoke exposure,increased students' knowledge, and decreased both smoking behavior and the purchase of cigarettes. Suggestions include a continuation of evidenced-based tobacco use prevention programs in combination with community collaboration.
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