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Title: 高職女生主動追求異性之策略與經驗探究
Other Titles: The Exploration of Methods and Experiences from Vocational-High-School Students Active Pursuit of Male
Authors: 曾郁純
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: 師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Careers Service
Abstract: 本研究運用質性研究,探討高職女生主動追求男生的策略與經驗,以及她們在此過程中自我培力的增長。本研究發現高職女生巧妙地將傅統陰柔特質融入於追求異性之方法中,形成在既有父權體制與「男主動女被動」框架中特有的主動追求方式,例如:善用科技媒介與周遭環境表達愛意、親手製作禮物傳遞心意、善用同儕的影響力傳遞訊息,以及利用僅有的下課時間與對方相處。本研究亦發現,受訪高職女生從改變想法、學習新之且付諸行動中,以摸索、漸進自覺的方式,實現自我培力,並能翻轉過往女性被動追求的模式。本研究認為藉由實際操作「談戀愛」能協助青少女在交往的過程中,重新檢視男女生在愛情中的互動模式,對於性/別知識的培力與性別視野的拓展,具有實際的幫助。
Using qualitative research as an approach, this study explores the strategies and experiences as well as intellectual and experiential empowerment when femalevocational high school students pursue boys. The research finds that those female students cleverly integrate the traditional femininity in the existing patriarchalsystem and "male actively and female passively" scripts within the ways of the active pursuit of unique strategies. For example, using new technology, handmaking gifts to display affection, making the best use peer influence in message exchange, and using class breaks to spend time with each other all are the ways topurse boys. By changing their thoughts, learning new knowledge, and putting into action, those female students empower themselves in gradual self-conscious way and revered the old pattern of the female being pursued. This study argues that by engaging the practice of "falling in love", young girls can reexamine the old love script and also empower themselves at the intellectual and experiential level of gender and sexuality knowledge and practice.
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