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Titel: 臺灣北部番子澳漁撈活動的時空間配置
Sonstige Titel: The Time-Space Allocation of Fishing Activity in A Northern Taiwan Coastal Village
Autoren: 陳憲明
Erscheinungsdatum: Mär-1987
Herausgeber: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Zusammenfassung: Based on the viewpoint of man-environmental relationship, this study attempt to use the time-space approach to design an analytical framework for dealing with the fishing activities at Fan-tsu-au, a coastal village in the northern Taiwan. Data were collected by direct observation of fishing activities on the sea, as well as by interviewing the fishermen. In the 1950s, the fishermen at Fan-tsu-au were engaged mainly in torch light net fishery. They organized three non-powered fishing crafts as a team and used weak fishing lamps to catch round herring, squids and other phototaxis fishes that migrate on the surface-water. The fishing season for torch light net fishery is from May to the beginning of October in each lunar year. In this period, because of moonlight which interferes fishing efficiency, the fishing activities formed a monthly cycle in compliance with the moon's transit, duration and intensity of moonlight. But, such fishery is restrided by such factors as the physical capacity of non-powered fishing crafts, illumination capacity of fishing lamps, prey-food habits of fish schools and sleeping requirements of fishermen. Therefore, the fishing activities are restricted to a space of three nautical miles from the shore and 2-3 hours after dark and before dawn. In 1950 to 1960, with the advance of fishing technology, and the powered fishing boats were popularly adopted, the fishermen at Fan-tsu-au has replaced traditional torch light net fishery with modernized stick-held dip net fishery, long-line fishery and spear fishing. Though the stick-held dip net fishery and torch light net fishery use the lamps to allure the fish schools on the surface-water, because of powered fishing boats, and increased illumination capacity of fishing lamps, the time-space scope for stick-held dip net fishery is expanded. At the moment, the fishing season for catching squids, from February end to the beginning of October in each lunar calendar, the fishermen woul
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