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Titel: 臺灣海岸山脈泰源盆地河流地形之研究
Sonstige Titel: The Study on the Stream Landform of Taiyuan Basin of Coastal Range in East Taiwan
Autoren: 鄧國雄
Erscheinungsdatum: Mär-1990
Herausgeber: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Zusammenfassung: Taiyuan Basin, located in the south part of Coastal Range in East Taiwan, is famous for its landforms of well-developed river terraces and meanders. The whole drainage basin belongs to the Mawuku Stream System. The number of different stages of river terraces that could be correlated is eleven and the three youngest terraces which developed in the outlet reach haven't extented to the basin yet. In the basin, the channel sinousity is rather large however the amplitude is quite small. The phenomena of seven cut-off meanders that formed at different stages indicate the streams are always meandering. There are two main factors that influence the development of Taiyuan Basin. One is the spatial arrangement of lithology difference of Tuluanshan and Takankao Formations; the other is erosion basis lowered intermittently by the effects of uplifted movement and sea-level eustacy.
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