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Titel: 新竹市非農產業活動的性質與分布
Sonstige Titel: The Characteristics and Distribution of Non-agricultural Activities in Hsinchu City
Autoren: 陳國川
Erscheinungsdatum: Mär-1988
Herausgeber: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Zusammenfassung: The research conducted here is an attempt to investigate the characteristics and distri?bution of non-agricultural activities in the region under jurisdiction of Hsinchu City. The result is summarized as follows: 1. In the Ch'ing Dynasity, the administrative function was the basic sector of the urban growth in Hsinchu City. But since the end of Ch'ing, the basic sector has gradually changed to manufacturing, commerce and service activities. 2. According to the survey and analysis of manufacturing plants, it has been found that the number of electrical and electronic machine manufacturing and repair, metal products manufacturing and non-metallic mineral products manufacturing is the great, but many of them are of relatively small size. On the other hand, the number of plants of petroleum and coal products manufacturing, beverage and tobacco manufacturing is the smallest, but many of them are of a larger size. As to distribution of plants, most of the plants are concentrated in the area surrounding the city center. This pattern of distribution was influenced by industrial inertia, the site of industrial park, the linkages between industries and the spatial difference of land value. 3. In the survey and analysis of retail and wholesale stores, it has been found that the lower value of commodities have, the greater the number of retail stores is; but their distribution pattern is relatively deconcentrated to the suburbs. On the other hand, the higher value the commodities have, the smaller the number of retail stores is, but most of them are concentrated to the city center. Similar phenomenon is displayed in the wholesale stores as far as the relationship between the number of stores and the value of commodities is concerned, but almost all of the wholesale stores are concentrated to the city center. 4. In the aspect of service activities, the number and the distribution of establishments of service have shown the same pattern as reta
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