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Title: 都市郊丘綠地資源利用的時空變遷
Other Titles: The Temperal-Spatial Changes in the Use of Urban Peripheral Hilly Woddlands: A Case Study of Hills of Four-Animals in Taipei
Authors: 鄭秀蘭
Issue Date: May-2002
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 都市的發展,常與其周邊的郊丘綠地有密切關係,郊丘綠地常供應都市發展需要的水源、林產、礦產及其他生活所需。隨著經濟的繁榮,休閒時間的增加,市民對生活品質及休閒活動日益注重,郊丘綠地又成為居民休閒遊憩活動的理想空間。 臺北市周圍盆緣多是郊丘林立,本研究乃以臺北東南隅的四獸山丘陵為例,探討百年來臺北郊丘綠地資源利用的變遷;探討郊丘在休閒時代遊憩活動的屬性及永續發展的模式,以提供都市綠地規劃上的合理策略。 本研究自1999年12月起為時一年,透過實察及2種問卷共405份資料分析,對四獸山郊丘綠地遊憩資源利用的時空特性,獲得初步結論: 日遊憩吸引圈主要在半徑2-3公里以內,主要遊憩都為40歲以上的壯、老年人,主要遊憩活動如健身、體操、健行、森林浴、觀賞風景等,週末遊憩活動型則再增加野餐、品茗、唱歌等;團體不定期活動以淨山保育、生態解、運動健身(健行登山)為主,人文歷史解說方面較缺代。根據四獸山研究案例,得知郊丘資源的永續發展,未來應配合既有當地居民之中、高年齡層之需求,並開發其他年齡層的可能性,兼顧休閒與保育的軟、硬體設計,提供學校及社會團體共謀永續經營利用。
Urban growth is often related to the use of peripheral hilly woodlands. The latter serve as resources suppliers of water, firewood, minerals, and other life necessities. following economic growth and urbanization, the hilly woodlands often change their role to become leisure and recreation areas for the urban residents. Through a case study of Hills of Four-Animals in Taipei, this research attempt: 1,to examine how residents in Taipei changed their utilization of this area's resources during the last one hundred years, 2, to propose the best use of this green area in future as the demand for leisure activities is ever increasing. This study was accomplished after one-year fieldwork of interviewing local residents, weekend visitors from the City, and certain officials in charge of management and planning. In addition, two kinds of questionnaires surveys were conducted with 405 returns analyzed. The findings are as follows: On the characteristics of visitor: 1.Tey are mainly from near by areas wiht an average one way travel distance of only 2-3 kilometers; 2.Most of them are of age above 40 years old; 3.The major daily activities are strolling, sight-seeing, mild sports, and gymnastics, but the weekend activities increase to include picnic, singing, and tea-drinking, etc.. Sustainable use of the land is possible if planning is carefully made to cater for visitors of all ages by integrating services and management to the land-use development. That is, preservation and utilization of this area of green resources should be balanced. Sponsorship and participation by ecological concerned organizations or schools are needed to reach such a goal.
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