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Title: 臺北市動態環境的綜合研究
Other Titles: A Synthetic Study on the Dynamic Environment of Taipei City
Authors: 石再添
Issue Date: Mar-1987
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: Synthetic studies on dynamic environment have long been developed by Interna?tional Geographical Union; a series of reports and maps have been published. Recently, due to the socio-economic progresses made in the Republic of China, the natural environments have been polluted gradually, which has aroused public concerns. However, some improvements on environment have been made though the government efforts. Since Taipei City is characterized by its high density of population, rapid industrialization and urbanization, environmental impacts are inevitable. Although a lot of important records in this field have been listed periodically and many reports have been published by both the government and individual researchers, there still seems a need of an integrated study and synthetic mapping on dynamic environments. Therefore, Taipei City is chosen as a study area in this project. According to 1:5,000 map and excursion, the supplementary survey and the study of environmental basis, destruction and preservation have been completed. Besides, the synthetic maps have been made. The results show the dynamic environment of Taipei City during the past ten years, which will provide some references for future regional planning and development.
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