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Title: 泰州地理學家沙學浚教授
Other Titles: Hsueh-Chuen Sha as a Geographer in Honor of His Ninetieth Birthday
Authors: 姜道章
Issue Date: Nov-1996
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: This is a biobibliography of Professor Hsueh-Chuan Sha (Xue-jun Sha). Professor Sha was born on July 5, 1907, in the small town of Taizhou in Jiangsu province. His father, Zi-fu Sha, was a owner of a cloth shop in Taizhou, and he and his wife, nee Cao, had a total of three sons and a daughter, of which Professor Sha was the youngest. Professor Sha was married with his wife, nee Tang, in 1930, and they have two danghters and one son, all of whom are currently living in the United States. Professor Sha graduated from National Central University in 1930. After teaching for two years at the affiliated high school of Guanghua University in Shanghai, Professor Sha went abroad. He entered University of Leipzig in 1932, and transferred to University of Berlin in 1933 where he remained for two years. At both universities, he majored in geography with specialization in cartography. While at Leipzig, he studied cartographical methods at the Museum fuer Landeskunde (Geographical Museum). Later, he continued to stuy cartographical methods, as well as map printing methods, at Reichsamt fuer landesufnahme (German Bureau of Surveying). In 1935, he studied map-making methods in Service Geographique d'Armee (Geographical Service of French Army) at Paris while also studying the French language at the well-known Berlitz School. As a student in Germany and France, he traveled extensively in these countries, including trips to Danzig and the Saar. He also participated in the 1934 Congress of the International Geographical Union at Warsaw and took a side trip to Moscow among other places in Russia. Returning to China in late 1935, he taught at National Sun Yat-sen, National Central and National Zhejiang Universities until 1948. Before going to Taiwan in late 1948, he was the Dean of Students at National Central. According to recollections of his former students Ya-feng Shi and Shu-peng Chen, Professor Sha was an outstanding teacher highly respected by his students. Shi and Chen are curren
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