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Titel: 中學地理教學的「體育」和「群育」實踐
Autoren: 陳國川
Erscheinungsdatum: Mär-1995
Herausgeber: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Zusammenfassung: The development of Physical and Group education is one of the important objectives of junior high school education of our country. From the contents of Physical and Group education, what really helps Physical and Group education in the junior high school are Field-work, Out-door Teaching Observation and Classification Activities. Observing from the process of Field-work, interview and record, they can promote students' physical capability, cultivate their collective livelihood, and collective co-operation, create the habit of group discussion, train them to recive people properly, basic principle of being a person, and form a habit of fostering responsibility and hornest attitude. Through observing of Out-door Teaching Observation, we can train students to obey rules and regulations, self-respect, respect of others and patience. The commencement of Classification Activities not only can urge students' thinking power, expand their experience in terms of study, train them on grigraphical techniques, but also assist in promotion of students helping each other, to have reasonable aspiration, and to have a humber and patient attitude.
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