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Title: 唐高宗政治權謀的再認識—兼論高宗朝的武則天
Other Titles: The Re-understanding of Tang Kao-tsung Political Trickery: Also on Empress Wu within the Reign of Kao-tsung
Authors: 羅永生
Lo, Wing Sang
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學歷史學系
Department of History,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 二十世紀初,前輩學者仍以昏庸、庸懦以至傀儡等字眼形容唐高宗。但隨著二十世紀八十年代掀起對武則天研究所引發的討論,不同的看法亦開始出現。論述武則天在高宗朝沒有完全執政,唐朝軍國大政仍緊握在高宗手中。高宗的聰明才智雖不及太宗,但並非昏庸無能,他讓武后參與政事,亦非出于懦弱,其歷史作用是應該肯定的。並非傳世史書所描繪為“軟弱無能"的君主。這些討論,給研究者帶來新的課題,如果我們不依從傳統的看法,認為高宗不是昏庸的皇帝,則日後武后臨朝稱制的局面,如何解釋?高宗廢王立武後,朝廷上有沒有形成一股屬於則天的政治力量?她與高宗在政見上,是否有分岐以至如部份論者所謂的有矛盾?簡言之,究竟她在高宗朝的二十八個年頭裡,擔任了甚麼角色,起了何種作用?我們甚而可以追問,她在這段日子的經驗,是否影響到日後她掌權的日子中的權術運用?史料的貧乏,使這些問題的探討有不少困難,但為要追求較合理的答案,重新考察和認識高宗朝的歷史,實有其必要。
If we do not comply with the traditional view that the Tang Kao-tsung not stupid, how can we explain Empress Wu come to the throne in the future. AfterKao-tsung changed the Queen, the court did not form one belonging to Wu’s political forces? Were there many difference political views or so-calledcontradiction between Kao-tsung and Wu? In short, what role Wu played within the twenty-eight years of the reign of Kao-tsung. We can even ask, did herexperience in these days, whether affect the use of trickery in the day she came to power in future? The paucity of historical data, it made the discussion moredifficulties. For pursue a more reasonable answer to re-understanding the history of Koa-tsung political trickery is necessary.
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