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Title: 民初桂系治粵時期的廣東省議會
Other Titles: The Kwangtung Provincial Assembly During Kwangsi Clique’s Domination Period in Early Republican
Authors: 陳惠芬
Chen Hui-fen
Issue Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學歷史硏究所
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Abstract: 本文以1916 年10 月復會的第一屆廣東省議會的活動為中心,探討袁世凱帝制運動結束後,其與治粵桂系強權的互動關係,並進一步考察民初民主政治實施的問題。此一時期政治形勢多變,舊國民黨色彩濃厚的廣東省議會,熱情支持孫中山提倡的護法運動,並且成為國會非常會議的重要催生者。另一方面,桂系宣佈廣東「自主」,藉機壟斷廣東更多的資源;倚附桂系之政學會對廣東省政的參與,則對省議會的運作造成深刻的影響。由於桂系政權面臨嚴重的財政困難,急於籌措經費。廣東省議會嚴格監督徵稅,使得雙方的關係益形緊張,進而發生彈劾財政廳長楊永泰的事件。此外,桂系為了爭奪廣東的軍權和財政權,使得廣東省長更換頻仍,引發不少風潮。在這個過程中,廣東省議會始終堅持「省長民選」和粵人治粵的理念,這個理念也逐漸成為廣大粵人的共識。然而,1919 年初開幕的第二屆省議會,卻已是交通系和政學會的天下。  桂系失敗後,國民黨取得廣東政權。陳炯明的「聯省自治」計畫,曇花一現。陳失敗後,孫中山逐漸將中國政制帶向一黨專政的新模式。當其他省份的省議會還在進行議事活動時,廣東省議會早已為國民黨所拋棄。如此看來,桂系治粵時期的廣東省議會,尚能伸張民權,維護人民利益。雖然成就有限,卻是廣東民主史上一段重要的經驗。
This paper focuses on the first Kwangtung provincial assembly which rebegan holding conferences in Oct. 1916, explores its activities under the Kwangsi Clique’s domination after Yuan’s monarchical movement, and examines the problems it might have in the building of democratic politics in early Republican. The first Kwangtung provincial assembly which almost constituted by KMT members was strongly in favor of Constitutional Protection Movement led by Sun Yat-Sen and boosted Congress Extraordinary Session. Meanwhile, the Kwangsi clique declared the autonomy of Kwangtung, set up monopolies of more important resources, and also the Political Study Group has deeply impact on Kwangtung politics. On the other side, with serious financial difficulties, the Kwangsi clique raised money in hurry; however, at the same time, the Kwangtung provincial assembly attempted the draconian revenue measure. Therefore, their relationship had become frayed and later led to the impeachment of Financial department chief ,Yang Yong-tai.In addition, Kwangsi Clique’s struggle for the military and financial power forced the Kwangtung governor altered frequently. In the whole process, the Kwangtung provincial assembly insisted that the candidates of the Kwangtung governor should be locals and voted by native people, and the thinking also filtered into most people’s mind. However, in 1919, the Communication Clique and the Political Study Group held most seats in second Kwangtung provincial assembly.After the failure of the Kwangsi clique, the reorganized KMT won the political power in Kwangtung. At that time, the United-province autonomy movement led by Chen Chiung-Ming was a flash in the pan. After Chen’s failure, Sun Yat-Sen gradually led China politics to the one-party dictatorship. When the provincial assemblies of other provinces ran in normal, the Kwangtung provincial assembly no more existed. In Summary, the Kwangtung provincial assembly during the Kwangsi clique period protected the rights
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