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Title: 關於宋代「重文輕武說」的幾點反思
Other Titles: Review the Thesis of Song Dynasty’s‘Zhongwen Qingwu’
Authors: 宋彥陞
Song, Yan-sheng
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學歷史硏究所
National Taiwan Normal University Department of History
Abstract: 長久以來,宋代「武事不彰」的歷史形象似乎深植人心。研究者在探討宋代為何「積弱」之時,常把原因歸結於宋代「重文輕武」所造成的影響。隨著此論調的逐漸發展,宋代「重文輕武說」儼然已成為說明宋代文武關係的解釋典範。在這篇文章,筆者試圖呈現宋代「重文輕武說」的形成過程,並從以下三方面對此說法提出疑難:此說法是否具備學界普遍接受的定義?兩宋的文武關係是否始終一成不變?輕視武人、武事是否為宋代文人的共識?筆者認為,宋代固然有其重視文人文事、輕視武將武略的一面,然而,此情形既非宋代的特有文化,亦不是一個全然有效的基本預設。學者在開展宋代的相關討論時,最好不要直覺地將「重文輕武」視為研究的先決條件,才能避免此觀念所造成的思想窠臼。
Throughout the years, Song Dynasty’s ‘weak force’ has long been discussed by scholars. When researchers attempted to answer this phenomenon, they usually attributed it to Song Dynasty’s ‘Zhongwen Qingwu’ policy. As time goes by, the thesis of Song Dynasty’s ‘Zhongwen Qingwu’ was seemingly raised as a paradigm which could interpret Song Dynasty’s civil-military relations. In this article, I strive to analyze how the thesis was developed, and address some questions to this thesis in following themes: Have most historians come to a consensus about the thesis? Did the civil-military relations always remain static in Song Dynasty? Whether Song literati generally despised military people and affairs? Actually, it is true that some Song people emphasized literati/civil affairs, and disdained military people/affairs; however, the phenomenon did not only exist in Song Dynasty. For example, similar situation appeared in Tang Dynasty too. In addition, the term of ‘Zhongwen Qingwu’ is still controversial and actively-debated. When discussing related issues of Song Dynasty, we had better not to consider the thesis as a prerequisite, so that we would be capable of avoiding some falsehoods which the thesis brings about.
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