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Title: 教科書審定委員對教科書設計的關注焦點探討:以國小中年級社會學習領域為例
Other Titles: Study on Textbook Reviewers' Concernson Textbook Design: Taking the 3rd and 4th Grade Elementary Social Studies as Examples
Authors: 塗宥騏
Yu-Chi Tu, Li-Hua Chen
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國小社會教科書審定委員對教科書設計的關注焦點。研究對象及方法有二:一是以內容分析法,探討2010至2011 年國小中年級社會教科書審查意見所呈現的對教科書設計的關注焦點,總共分析翰林、康軒、南一等三個版本,每個版本有四冊、共計12冊的審查意見。其三是訪談?去,對象為2010至2011年的國小中年級社會領域審定委員五位,探討其在執行審查工作時,在教科書設計方面的關注焦點、原因、背後的審查原則,以及影響其對教科書關注面向的因素。本研究發現,審查意見及審定委員對教科書設計的關注焦點具一致性,大抵上最關注教科書的文本設計及圖表設計,最不關注版式設計。此外,檢視其關注焦點的共通思維發現,其背後的審查原則為重視教材的正確性、文句易懂流暢、提升高層次思考,以及多元且平衡的觀點。
The study aims to explore the major concerns on textbook design shown by the review committee on elementary school social studies textbooks. The research design included content analysis and an interview approach. A total of 12 textbooks from 3 publishers were involved in this study, each textbook with one set of Textbook Review Comments. Quantitative content analysis was employed to examine the committee's concerns based on the 12 sets of Textbook Review Comments. A semi-structured interview was conducted with five committee members to explore their concerns on textbook design. The major findings of the content analysis and interview were coherent: the most important concerns on textbook design were text and graphs/charts; the least important concern was the layout. The key underlying principles expressed in the reviews were the accuracy of the materials, the fluency of the text design, highordered thinking, and multiple and balanced perspectives.
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