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Title: 假日生活的演出、編織與共構
Other Titles: The Performance, Weaving, and Co-construction of Life: Atayal Children’s Personal Narratives
Authors: 蔡敏玲
Issue Date: Dec-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文主要目的為描述泰雅幼兒的經驗敘說特色,並試論此種敘說特色與在地文化的關係,思考泰雅幼兒敘說特色的教育涵義。作者利用兩年的時間在台灣北部一個泰雅族社區的雲村國小附幼彩虹班蒐集假日生活分享時段的經驗敘說。採詩節分析和文學文本分析的方式分析第一年的218 則和第二年的161 則文本,並統整、參照訪談文本的分析與相關文獻,建構出以下的理解:泰雅幼兒的經驗敘說,可看成在乎聽眾參與、邊說邊創的演出,具有4項特色,包括頻繁引用對話、虛實界線模糊(想像與經歷的情節交錯、將聽眾編進敘說文本)、分享者與聽眾共構敘說內容,以及經常提及自然與氣象。敘說文本的主題與特色均展現「個人在社群中定義」的文化特質。作者建議幼教現場提供幼兒經驗敘說的常設空間、接受並積極幫助幼兒體驗多元敘事風格,使幼兒敘說文本成為課程的實質基礎。
The aim of this study is to describe the characteristics of young Atayal children’s personal narratives, to attempt to discuss the relationship between such narratives and Atayal culture, and to ponder upon the educational implication of the narrative styles found. The author collected personal narratives in a kindergarten classroom situated in an Atayal village in northern Taiwan for two years. Adopting stanza analysis and literary text analysis, the author analyzed 218 narrative texts collected in the first year and 161 narrative texts collected in the second year. The result shows these children regard sharing experiences as a performance that is impromptu in nature, and carefully attend to the participation of the audience. The characteristics of these narratives include: frequent use of dialogues, integration of realistic and imaginary plots, including the audiences as characters in the narratives, co-construction of narratives with the audience, and the frequent mention of natural scenes. The themes and the characteristics of the narratives are in congruence with the essential element of Atayal culture-self being defined in social interaction and communities. The author suggests that multiple narrative styles should be valued; moreover, the personal narratives of young children experienced in kindergarten classrooms should be included as the base of curriculum development.
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