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Title: 教師專業發展評鑑促進組織學習之個案研究
Other Titles: A Case Study of Organizational Learning Prompted by Teacher Evaluation for Professional Development
Authors: 潘慧玲
Hui-Ling Pan
Wen- Yan Chen
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究以教師專業發展評鑑如何帶動組織學習為主要焦點,選擇具有教師評鑑多年實施經驗,且能在學校革新思維下推動教師評鑑的一所高中,進行個案研究。研究結果顯示:一、個案學校教師專業發展評鑑是在具危機意識的學校脈絡下循序地全面推動;二、個案學校教師專業發展評鑑係透過評鑑結果與過程牽動個人、團隊與組織層次的學習;三、個案學校教師專業發展評鑑促動組織學習的機制,來自其方案活動參與性與透明化的特質,以及透過E 化儲存組織知識的做法;四、帶動個案學校組織學習的促進因素,與其組織脈絡、校長領導及推動策略有關,障礙因素則來自時間與考績壓力及組織政治的考量。最後,本研究並根據研究結論,針對運用教師專業發展評鑑促進組織學習提出建議。
The study aimed to understand how Teacher Evaluation for Professional Development (TEPD) promoted organizational learning. To attain the goal, a qualitative case study was used to explore the context, processes, and consequences of implementing TEPD at a high school. The school was recruited because it has undertaken teacher evaluation for years and shown the tendency toward innovation. Research results indicated: (1) TEPD was implemented step by step in a circumstance of crisis; (2) both the findings and processes of TEPD stimulated learning at individual, team, and organizational levels; (3) the characteristics of being participatory and transparent, with the use of computers and blogs, enabled TEPD to enhance mutual understanding in organizational learning; (4) organizational learning was affected by the evaluation history, the principal leadership, and the implementation strategies, and the obstacles coming from the pressure of time and the concern about organizational politics. At last, suggestions relating to using TEPD to promote organizational learning are proposed.
Other Identifiers: 6CBD6914-2EEC-AA30-1275-787E27DFF116
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