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Title: 教育界的勞動後備軍
Other Titles: The Reserve Labor Force in Taiwan's School System: An Exploratory Study of Married Female Substitute Teachers
Authors: 王百合
Issue Date: Dec-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討校園中的已婚女性代課教師是如何成為教育界的勞動後備軍。因婚育因素而中斷就業,選擇了可以兼顧家庭的短期代課工作,是父權文化規範對已婚女性所形成的生涯結構限制。本文的分析從受訪者選擇代課工作的動機及其就業管道開始談起,而後探討這一群受訪的已婚代課教師之職場工作經驗,並且試圖將這些經驗與代課教師之職場位置和「教學女性化」之趨勢作連結。本研究也同時比較分析了短期代課教師與長期代課教師這些教育界的勞動後備軍,她們的人力資本、獲得工作機會與職場經驗等之差異。
This study explores the significant role played by married female substitute teachers, who have become in effect a sort of“reserve army,” a reserve labor force in Taiwan's school system. Compared with previous research, which has ignored the work conditions and experiences of these substitute teachers, this study was based on the belief that the patriarchy constrains women's career development: especially that of married women whose opportunities are interrupted and curtailed by marriage and child-care tasks. Focusing on the issues of job opportunities, human capital, and gender, the researchers compare the part-time short-term substitute teachers' work experiences with those of long-term substitute teachers. It is concluded that more attention needs to be given to the status of substitute teachers and the general trend toward the feminization of school teaching in Taiwan.
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