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Title: 「幼兒數學教材教法」教學方案對職前學前教師數學教學知識的影響
Other Titles: The Teaching Plan "Methods and Materials of Teaching Early Childhood Mathematics" and Its Effects on Prejob/Preschool Teachers' Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching
Authors: 張麗芬
Li-Fen Chang
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討「幼兒數學教材教法」教學方案介入對職前學前教師數學教學知識的影響,教學方案中並加入唔談幼兒的現場經驗。研究者以影片分析方式蒐集37位職前學前教師在教學方案介入之前與之後對教學影片的評論,並將這些評論依數學教學知識的三個向度—學科內容知識、學習者認真日的知識、教學方法知識—加以分析後,於學期末蒐集研究對象對整個教學方案的反省短文、對教材的討論與活動評析進行分析。結果發現,教學方案介入對職前學前教師數學教學知識有產生效果,後測時,職前教師在學科內容知識及教學方法知識兩個向度的教學知識層次有進步的比率顯著多於退步比率;而在學習者認真日的知識向度,後測教學知識層次有變化的比率差異僅接近顯著水準。其次,職前教師對方案中的唔談幼兒經驗大多抱持正面態度,他們實際體驗幼兒的數學思考,並覺得唔談經驗對未來的學習與教學有助。
This study aims to how the teaching plan ''Methods and Materials of Teaching Early Childhood Mathematics" has exerted its influence on prejob/preschool teacher's mathematical knowledge for. A task-based interview is also adopted. Thirty-seven prospective early childhood teachers enrolled in a mathematics methods course were required to view video clips of realistic classroom instruction. They then provided two written comments, respectively at the beginning and at the end of the 18-week course program. Teachers' written responses are coded from three perspectives, content knowledge, knowledge of learners' cognition, and pedagogical knowledge; each of them was on a 4-point scale. The prospective teachers' reflections on the whole program, their discussion, and evaluation of mathematics activities were at the end of the program collected for further analysis. The results show that the program had a positive effect. The prospective teachers' content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge were enhanced; their knowledge of learners' cognition, however, was not significantly improved. Secondly, the prospective teachers' reflections show that they appreciated the interview with the kids, which granted them a chance to actually experience young children's mode of mathematical thinking. They believed that the interview would be a great help for their learning and teaching in the future.
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