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Title: 原住民成人學習者學習特性與教學策略之探討
Other Titles: A Study on the Learning Characteristics of Aboriginal Adult Learners and the Corresponding Teaching Strategies
Authors: 李瑛
Issue Date: Jun-1998
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Department of Adult and Continuing Education, NTNU
Abstract: 許多成人教育學者都指出,成人的學習與其經驗息息相關, 然而,相關的研究卻指出,原住民的學習需求及學習型態常是主流社會的教育典範無法涵蓋的;在原住民的學習經驗裡,其文化與成長經驗常是被忽略,甚至是被扭曲的。因此,近幾十年來倡導以多元文化理念所做的原住民教育改革,確有必要了解原住民學習者的學習特性及相關的教學策略。緣於此,本研究以參與「原住民成人教育工作者培訓計劃」的原住民籍學員為對象,透過深度訪談的方式,以研究者與受試者「互為主體」的「對話」,透過受試者陳述其經驗,嚐試從原住民文化背景及成長經驗了解原住民學習者對教育的信念、學習型態及相關的教學策略,以作為擬定原住民成人教育政策、規劃原住民成人教育方案、及設計學習一教學歷程之參考。
Many adult education scholars reported that the adults' learning is usually interrelated with their experiences. However, recent related studies indicated that educational paradigms of mainstream societies could seldom respond to the aborigines' educational needs and their learning styles. As studies showed, their cultural contexts and living experience are often neglected, even distorted, in their teaching-learning processes. With the latest multicultural perspective on the aboriginal educational reform, it is necessary to understand the learning characteristics of the aborigines and to develop corresponding teaching strategies. This study focused on understanding the beliefs on education, learning styles and teaching strategies of 18 aborigines who participated in the Continuing Education Program offered by the Adult Education Research Center, National Taiwan Normal University. Data collection was mainly through indepth interviews centered on intersubjective dialogues between the subjects and the researcher. Results of the study bear implications on the aborigine adult education policy making, aborigine educational program planning, and teaching-learning process designs, etc.
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