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Title: 兩性教育問題及其改革策略
Other Titles: The Issues of Gender Education and Its Educational Strategies for Female Students
Authors: 林美和
Issue Date: Jun-1997
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Department of Adult and Continuing Education, NTNU
Abstract: 近年來,婦女在經濟與社會參與的比例雖有逐年改善與提昇的現象,唯和男性相較,仍有很大的差距存在。造成此種現象,雖有其歷史與社會背景,但教育程度較低,以及教育品質的低下,可能是其主要因素。因此,本文首先剖析兩性在教育上的不平等現象與在社會化過程的差異現象,以證明這些現象是阻礙女性日後發展與成長的主因。基於兩性平等教育的理念與指標,本文藉助國外的經驗與做法,提出兩性平等教育的改革策略,以降低或清除兩性教育的不平等現象。
This paper reviews in detail the issues of educational inequality, although most women are now having much better educational access and attainment. However, the bias of educational processes and educational achievement still exists in men and women. Therefore, three key areas are examined including educational disadvantaged, sextyping of textbooks and classroom interaction. Some educational strategies are suggested based on the bias of gender education examined from the literature as follows: (1)provide mentor programs; (2) implement the non-traditional careers; (3)modify the curriculum; (4)develop innovative textbooks; (5)provide preservice and inservice education for teacher and counselor; (6)focus awareness on the problems of inequity; (7)provide nontraditional role models.
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