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Title: 幼兒園中受忽視與受爭議幼兒的社會能力探討
Other Titles: Social Competence of the Neglected Children and the Controversial Children in Kindergarten
Authors: 陳怡君
Vi-Chun Chen , Jyh-Tsorng Jong
Issue Date: Dec-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學人類發展與家庭學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討幼兒園中受忽視幼兒與受爭議幼兒的社會能力現況與相關影響因素。以臺北市五所公立幼兒園十二個大班, 328 名幼兒進行照片式社會計量法,選出受忽視幼兒70 名及受爭議幼兒52 名後進行社會能力評量。主要研究結果如下:一、受忽視幼兒的整體社會能力屬於中等;以「合群合作」能力最佳,最少出現的是「互動行為」。二、受爭議幼兒的整體社會能力也屬中上程度;其「合群合作」能力最佳,最少出現的是「利他行為」。三、受忽視幼兒的「合群合作」能力高於受爭議幼兒;受爭議幼兒的「互動行為」表現高於受忽視幼兒o 四、不同性別、排行與家庭社經地位的受忽視幼兒,在「利他行為」方面,女生的能力高於男生;排行獨子的受忽視幼兒,女生的「合群合作」表現優於男生;低社經家庭的受忽視幼兒,女生的「禮貌」表現比男生好;受忽視的男生中,高社經家庭幼兒的「禮貌」表現優於低社經家庭的幼兒。五、受爭議幼兒的各項社會能力,女生的能力均比男生高;高社經又排行老二的受爭議幼兒,他們的「禮貌」表現優於低社經又排行老二的受爭議幼兒。
The purposes of this study were to discuss the current status of social competences of neglected children and controversial children in kindergarten, and to explore the differences in social competences of neglected children, and controversial children among their gender, birth order, and family's social and economic status. Results were listed as follows: 1. Neglected children scored highest in "gregariousness and cooperation" competences but lowest in “interactive behavior" competence. 2. Controversial children scored highest in "gregariousness and cooperation" competences but lowest in“altruist behavior" competence. 3. Neglected children were higher than controversial children in "gregariousness and cooperation" competences, but lower in “interactive behavior" competence. 4. Differences in social competences ofneglected children among gender, birth order, family's social and economic status: (1) Neglected girls were higher in “altruist behavior" competence than neglected boys. (2) For neglected children, girls were better in "gregariousness and cooperation" competences than boys. (3) For neglected children, in low social and economic status, girls were higher in“manners" than boys. (4) For neglected children, boys from high social andeconomic status were higher 的“manners" than those from low social and economic status. 5. Difference in social competences of controversial children among gender, birth order, family's social and economic status: (1) In general, controversial girls' social competences of “altruist behavior", “gregarwusness and cooperation",“ interactive behavior", “manners", and “in dependence and autonomy" higher than boys. (2) Birth order and social αnd economic status had the interactive effects only in the social competence of “manners". Second-born controversial children from families with high social and economic status were higher than those from families with low social and economic status.
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