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dc.description.abstract本研究之目的旨在驗證跨理論模式中之改變階段模式應用到身體活動時,能否區別不同運動階段之研究其身體活動量之差異。研究對象係以國內大學女生73名經簽 署同意書之大學女生自願者為對象,在填寫由Marcus and Simkin (1993)所發之運動階段量表後,經研究者加以確認其所屬之運動階段。每位研究對象均配戴TriTrac-R3D三度空間加器連續一週,以每分鐘記錄三 度空間最大向量及身體活動量作為分析之數據。 研究結果顯示研究對象平均每天之身體活動量為1811.95kcal,標準差為175.31kcal(無意圖期1731.49 kcal±138.13 kcal;意圖期1732.42 kcal±139.63 kcal;準備期1761.32 kcal±94.39 kcal;行動期1977.32 kcal±189.21 kcal;維持期1909.28 kcal±174.76kcal)以單日子變異數分析(one-way ANOVA)及薛費氏事後考驗(Sceheffe’s Post Hoc)分析結果,證實跨理論模式中之改變階模式具有良好之效度,可區別不同運動階段之研究對象其身體活動量之差異。經此驗證結果,改變階段模式可用於身 體活動有關之健康科學或運動科學領域之研究zh_tw
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this research was o examine the validity of the Stages of Change Model in physical activity. 73 female college students were recruited to join this research h and completed Exercise Stage instrument created by Marcus and Simkin (1993). According to this self-reported instrument and rechecked by researcher, the stage of physical activity then to be determined. The subject were told to wear the TriTrac-R3D accelerometer in the waist side for 7 days, and was recorded the physical activity and the magnitude vector every one-minute with consent form. One-way ANOVA & Scheffe’s Post Hoc were used to assess the validity of the staging algorithm. The results revealed that the daily average physical activity was 1811.95 kcal with standard deviation 175.31 kcal (while the subjects of precontemplation stage: 1731.49 kcal±138.13 kcal;contemplation stage: 1732.42 kcal±139.63 kcal;preparation stage: 761.32 kcal±94.39 kcal;action stage: 1977.32 kcal±189.21 kcal;maintenance stage: 1909.28 kcal±174.76kcal). The difference of physical activity was found and verified across the stage of change. Thus the Stage of Change Model and be used extensively in the further research on health science or sports science related to physical activity.en_US
dc.publisherDepartment of Health Promotion and Health Educationen_US
dc.subject.otherTranstheoretical modelen_US
dc.subject.otherStages of change modelen_US
dc.subject.otherPhysical activityen_US
dc.subject.otherExercise behavioren_US
dc.title.alternativeApplying the Transtheoretical Model to Physical Activity in College Female Students: Validation of Stages of Change Modelzh_tw
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