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Title: 親職性教育介入效果之研究
Other Titles: Effects of Sexuality Education Intervention among Adolescent's Parents
Authors: 林燕卿
Issue Date: May-1999
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 本研究約主要目的6評價一項國中生家長親職性教育介入效果,即探討實驗對象( 參與親職性教育研習者)接受教育介入後在子女性行為察覺度、性知識、對性教有的態度、 性教育有關的溝通技巧、性教育自我效能、性教育有關的社會支持、性教育有關的溝通行為 等相關變項的改變情形及持績效果。實驗設計採準實驗設計(不相等實驗組、控制組實驗設 計)。立意選取新莊地區的一所國中學生之家長為實驗組( 42 人),另以地理、人文環境 相近的一所國中學生之家長為對照組( 45 人),一共是 87 人。在實驗介入前二星期奉行 家長說明會,說明此次性教育研習目的,提供參與的名額及上課的時間地點。隨後則進行六 個單元, 15 小時的課程:分為六次實施, 每週一次,每次 2.5 小時(晚上 7 時至 9 時 30 分)。 實驗組與對照組在實驗前都施以前測,實驗結束後兩組再施以後測,但只有實驗 組在每次單元實施後給予過程評量,整個活動結束後給予總評量,並在結束後一個半月再施 以追蹤測驗以了解持續效果。資料分析後本研究重要結果如下:一、此教學模式確能有效提 昇國中學生之家長在性教有有關溝通行為上的整體效果。二、在接受親職性教有介入後,國 中學生之家長在性教育有關的溝通行為及相關變項之立即及延宕效果均有增進。三、參與學 習者對此次活動整體評價,如課程組織、教導者本身、課程內容方面均持高度的肯定。 經 由檢討,研究者對今後從事親職性教有教學方面的研究提出數項建議。
The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of sexuality education program on parents' perceiving children's sex behavior, sex knowledge, attitude toward sexuality education, self efficacy, social support, sex communication skills and behaviors. The study utilized the quasi-experimental Design. A total of 42 parents from one junior school located at Shin-Juan city Taipei County were assignmented as experimental group. 45 parents from a junior high school were similar in terms of characteristics related to the concerns of the control group. In six weeks, six sections of two and half an hour each, participants took part in the intervention program. Participants filled out relevant measurements three times before, after, and six weeks after the intervention. Results indicated that: (l)Sex communication skills and other sexuality education variables (perceiving children's sex behavior, knowledge, attitude, self efficacy, etc.) are related. This finding justify the necessity of the investigation of these variables. (2) The intervention proved to be effective in improving the communication behaviors of parents. (3)The intervention lead to the immediate improvement of perceiving children's sex behavior, sex knowledge, attitude toward sex education, communication skills, self efficacy, social support. The long term effect was also significant. (4)60-90% of the participants reported benefits of being involved in the intervention. (5)The participants rated highly toward the curriculum, instructor, and the contents of the intervention program. Discussions were followed. The suggestions for future research and the limitations of the study were also included.
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