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Title: 多元教材運用於「班級經營」學習之行動研究
Other Titles: Learning Classroom Management from Multiple Instructional Materials: An Action Research Study
Authors: 王千倖
Issue Date: Aug-2007
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本行動研究藉由回答下列兩個研究問題,以探究多元教材的教育意義與價值:(一)職前教師是否可藉由漫畫、繪本、少年小說和影片等多元教材學習「班級經營」 概念?(二)除了「班級經營」概念之外,他們還獲得哪些方面的學習?研究結果顯示:(一)多元化教材的應用不僅幫助職前教師建構「班級經營」的知識概念, 透過閱讀、分享和討論,可促進他們掌握教材意涵與價值,以及運用的技巧策略;(二)多層次性及多樣化的教材培養職前教師多元思考與批判反思的能力。所以, 教材多元化的教育意義與價值是:(一)多元化教材的推廣與應用是破除「教材=教科書」迷思的絕佳策略。
This action research study explored the educational significance and value of using multiple instructional materials to learn Classroom Management. It set out to answer the following two research questions: (a) Do pre-service teachers learn any Classroom Management concepts from comic books, picture books, youth novels, and movies?, and (b) What else do they acquire from these instructional materials? The results were as follows: (a) using multiple instructional materials helps students to construct Classroom Management concepts, and the process of reading, sharing and discussing these materials enhances their understanding of the materials’ meaning and value and the possible ways of using them; (b) the multidimensional aspect of each instructional material and the diversity of materials helps to enhance teachers’ diverse thinking and critical reflection. Therefore, the educational significance and value of using multiple instructional materials are as follows: (a) the popularization of multiple instructional materials is a good strategy for overcoming the misconception that textbooks are the only legitimate learning source; (b) using multiple instructional materials can help pre-service teachers to establish their own value system and to respect multiple values in a society whose multiplicity of values may confuse people.
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