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Title: 學校本位課程發展評鑑指標建構初探
Other Titles: The Study of School-Based Curriculum Evaluation Indicators
Authors: 郭昭佑
Issue Date: Oct-2001
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究配合九年一貫課程中學校本位課程精神之實施,須對學校本位課程發展建立回饋的機制,藉以瞭解問題、改進現況,並作為日後課程發展之參考。本研究以工作坊的方式,由研究者與數所學校的教育工作者,先進行課程、學校本位評鑑評鑑的專業知能研討,再進行課程評鑑指標的擬定。本研究目的有三: 1.建構學校本位課程評鑑的初步指標。 2.提出學校未來進行課程評鑑的可行途徑。 3.透過指標建構的過程,收集後續研究的重點與方向。
This study is based on the implementation of the school-based curriculum in the Nine-year Consistent Curriculum. The purpose is to establish feedback mechanisms of school-based curricular development, in order to understand where the problems are, and to know how to improve the current situation, in the hope of providing more information for the future curriculum development. The study will adopt Workshop and the researchers cooperate with several schools' educators .the professional knowledge of evaluation and curriculum will be discussed, and then an evaluation indicators will be produced. The purposes of the study are as follows: 1.Propose the approaches of curriculum evaluation. 2.Provide the school-based curriculum evaluation indicators. 3.Through the construction process of indicators analyze the research directions of futher.
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