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Title: 近二十年大陸教育史研究的量化分析(1978∼2003)
Other Titles: The Study of the History of Education in China (1978∼2003): A Quantitative Analysis
Authors: 周愚文
Issue Date: Apr-2004
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 教育史是四大教育基礎理論學門之一,本文旨在探究近二十年大陸的教育史研究狀況。本文採取量化分析方式,分別從相關論著的領域、研究主題、出版形式、出版 時間及研究時間等方面進行分析。重要發現如下: 一、在數量上,近二十年來(1978-2003)大陸所發表的教育史論著,至少有 1577種;在領域上,以中國教育史類最多,西方教育史類居次,教育史學類再次,東亞教育史類又次。 二、在研究主題上,以「制度與政策」類最多,「思想與人物」類居次,「通 論」再次,與「運動與活動」類最少。子題古代以課程教學教材類最多,近代以高等教育類最多。 三、在論文出版形式上,以期刊論文最多,專書層次。 四、在論文出版時間上,三個時期中,以1993--2003年數量最多,1986-1992 年次之,1978-1985年再次之。變化是自第一期起逐漸增加。 五、在研究時間上,中國教育史類較側重近代,古代次之。時間是以春秋戰國數量最多,宋代居次。 至於外國教育史類 (含西方與東亞),以近代最多,現代居次,通史再次;至於主題則均以「思想與人物」類最多。國家以美國最多。 大陸研究在研究主題、集體合作及史料編纂上呈獻特色,研究成果與臺灣近五十年發展相較,有許多地方有相近。最後本文對大陸未來發展提出四點建議,對臺灣提 出三點啟示。
The purpose of this project was to investigate, using a quantitative approach, the academic study of the History of Education in China as this has developed over the past twenty years. The main findings are as follows: 1. As to the number of publications, at least I577 articles and books were published during this period. 2. As to the area of study, publications dealing with the history of Chinese Education were most numerous, followed by those dealing with the history of Western Education. 3. As to topic or theme, essays and books dealing with "institutions and policies" were most numerous, followed by those dealing with "great thinkers and their thoughts." Sub-themes in the area of classical (mainly Chinese) history included: curriculum and mode o f instruction, academies, local education, primary education, a nd civil ervant examinations. Sub-themes in the area of modern education included: education in communist-ruled areas, local education, studying abroad, and teacher education. 4. As to the form of publication, articles were more common than books. 5. As to the time of publication, 1993-2003 was the most productive period. And the rate of publication in this field is steadily increasing. 6. As to targeted period of research, Chinese educational studies tended to focus on modern history (from 1840 to 1949), while Western educational studies tended to focus on the period from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century. Three general tendencies shared by these historical studies were noted: the tendency to deal with new themes or ideas, to do cooperative research (teamwork), and to collect and compile first-hand sources. A comparison of the development of the study of history of education in China with that in Taiwan was also made. Finally, we have made four suggestions regarding further research in this field targeting China, and noted three implications of further researchtargeting Taiwan.
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