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Title: 斯文赫定(Sven Hedin)最後一次在我國西北的考察1933-1935
Other Titles: The Last Survey and Exploration of the Northwestern Provinces of China by Dr. Sven Hedin 1933-35
Authors: 劉衍淮
Issue Date: Jun-1982
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: After the completion of the field works of the Sino-Swedish Scientific Expedition to the North Western Provinces of China 1927-33, Dr. Sven Hedin, leader of that expedition, was requested by the Chinese government to lead an expedition with motorcars for planning and surveying two motor roads across Northwestern China: one extending from Kwei-hua on the Peiping-Paotou railway to Hami and further, via Tihwa, to Tacheng; the other from Sian, on the Lung-hai railway via Lanchow, Kiuchuan, Anhsi and Lobnor to Shufu (Kashgor).November 10th 1933 this expedition left Kweihua with three lorries and one sedan. The staff of the expedition consisted of Dr. Sven Hedin, leader of the project and Adviser to the Ministry of Railways. Further more, the topographers were Parker C. Chen and F. Bergman, the road engineers I.C. Yew and C. C. Kung, medical officer Dr. David Huommel and motor experts and interpreters George Soederbom and K: E. Hill Except Yew, Kung and Hill, all the others had been members of the former Sino-Swedish expedition 1927-33.The highway expedition travelled at first along the main caravan road to Hami via Pei-ling-miao (Batu Khalaghan-u Sueme). West of Chendamen they had to . leave the caravane road because of the increased drift sand. On Christmas Eve they arrived at Wayun Tooroy near the river Edsengol. The journey was continued on January 16th 1934 and entered the Black Gobi. The survey with motor cars, made by Chen and Bergman, was carried on until Huang-lu-kang, 25 km.. before reaching Hami. At Hami they found themselves in the midst of the rebellious Tungan army of Ma-chung-ying which was advancing from Anhsi toward Tihwa. During the remaining journey of the expedition via Turfan, Karashar to Korla under severe military control through the country where civil war was raging, any kind of survey was impossible. Their adventures and hardships in the hands of undisciplined soldiers, first by the Tungans, later by the victorious provincial governamental troops
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