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Title: 嵇康先世及家族考述
Other Titles: A Study of Ji Kang's Ancestry
Authors: 莊萬壽
Issue Date: Jun-1981
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: I. Observation Concerning Ji Kang's Personal Historical DataJi Kang - - one of the most priminent artists, poets, and philosophers in the Epoch of Three Kingdoms - - was killed because of his opposition to powers. Historians of his time, being afraid of political persecution, did not give a true account of this matter, so that in later years, the authenticity of the historical account about him became divergently controvercial. Historical data of different sources, including poems and essays written by him that have been preserved until today, are in this paper carefully observed.II. Observation Concerning Ji Kang's surnameModern scholars often regard Ji as a surname of humble people. As a matter of fact, Ji (嵇) is a surname evolving from Ji (稽). Ji Kang's ancestors actually come from Kuay-Ji ( 會稽). This will be proved from many viewpoints.III. Ji Kang's Father and BrotherA complete study of the materials concerning Ji Kang's father and brother shows that they had intimate relationship with Tsaur Tsau (曹操). Ji Kang was born after his father's death. He was brought up by his mother and his elder brother. Ji Kang was in bad terms with his another brother Ji Shi ( 稽喜 ) because he strongly opposed his siding with Sy Ma-i (司馬懿) as Ji Shi sucessfully overturned the existing political power.IV. Ji Kang's Off springsJi Kang's wife was the princess of Wei Dynasty, possibly Tsaur Tsau (曹操)'s granddaughter.Ji Kang, being unwilling to take advantage of his familial re-lationship to seek for prosperity, led a poverty-stricken life. His son and his daughter were killed by members belonging to Sy Ma-i's family.V. Date of Ji Kang's Birth and DeathJi Kang was born in 224 A. D. and died in 263 A. D.VI. Ji Kang's AncestryJi Kang's relatives totalized thirty persons are listed. This contributes to supplement Wei-Tsin Dynasty's Ancestry.
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