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Title: 臺北市國民小學九年一貫課程成績通知單之學習目標分析研究
Other Titles: A Study of the Learning Objectives for the Report Cards of the Taipei's Municipal Elementary Schools
Authors: 盧雪梅
Issue Date: Apr-2006
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在探究台北市國民小學因應九年一貫課程,在學生學期成績通知單內涵上所作的變革。本研究共收集台北市122所國民小學九十二學年度第一學期的成績 通知單,分析其各學習領域或次領域之學習目標的項數和內涵。分析結果發現在學期成績通知單的學習目標建構上,部份學校缺乏系統化的規劃和一致性的規範,不 論在目標項數或目標內涵敘寫上,均出現相當程度的歧異性。就單項目標敘寫內涵言,本研究共歸納出13種較常出現或特徵明顯的方式,其中多數是不符合學習目 標敘寫體例;就學習領域目標的組成言,本研究歸納出3種常見和顯明的缺失。雖然台北市國小現行的學期成績通知單在形式上頗符合當前學生成績報告的發展趨 勢,不過就實務現況來看,一些潛在的優點和功能並沒有發揮出來。最後,研究者根據研究發現提出建議,供作改進九年一貫課程學生成績評量紀錄或研擬相關配套 措施參考。
The purpose of this study was to explore the design and function of Taipei City's elementary school repot cards, after the implementation of the Grade 1-9 Curriculum, in particular with regard to their designated learning objectives. The researcher collected report cards for the first semester of the 2003 school year from 122 schools, and analyzed the member of learning objectives and their formulation (content) for each Learning Domain or Sub-domain. The results indicated that some schools did not have a systematic and comprehensive plan for constructing report card learning objectives across grades, and did not have common rules for teachers to follow in writing the learning objectives. The number and formulation (content) of learning objectives showed a certain degree of variability across Learning Domains and across grades. With regard to the formulation of objectives, the researcher's analysis yielded 13 types of written format, and the researcher found that most of these were not correct or appropriate. In terms of the whole set of objectives for a specific Learning Domain, the researcher summarized three major problems. Although the form of the new report cards developed by Taipei's municipal elementary schools reflects the current trend in reporting on student learning, the actual reporting method of schools to full far short of fully actualizing the potential degree of efficacy. Finally, recommendations based on the findings of this project were offered, in order to improve the practice of reporting on student learning by suggesting new policies and strategies for grading and reporting on student learning under the Grade 1-9 Curriculum reform.
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