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Title: 蛙糞菌菌絲生長與分支的觀察
Other Titles: Observation of the Forward Streaming, Growth and Division of the Hyphal Cell of Basidiobolus Magnus
Authors: 簡秋源
Issue Date: Jun-1989
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本文係利用光學與干擾顯微鏡的攝影技術,以巨大蛙糞菌(Basidiobolus magnus)為材料,對真菌營養菌絲生長及分支的形成做一形態及生理學上之記述。細胞具有完全(complete)、沒有孔 (unperforated)的隔板,長達數百微米,且具有一個明顯的大核,隨著細胞生長,原生質的川流趨向細胞頂端轉移。分支的形成則經細胞核的有絲分裂(Mitosis)、細胞分裂(cell division)、隔板的生成之後才發生,依此順序重複恆定不變的
This paper deals with the forward streaming, growth and division of the hyphal cell of Basidiobolus magnus by using a light and interference microscopies. An unperforated, complete septum forms at the site of nuclear division and bisects the apicall cell, followed by the cytoplasmic streaming and a new branch is initiated. The branching pattern is invariably repeated in order and appears in two apical cells.
Other Identifiers: A7D96B1B-BD83-40CD-313A-C9595367D35B
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