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Titel: 論平等與教育
Sonstige Titel: On Equality and Education
Autoren: 徐宗林
Erscheinungsdatum: Jun-1991
Herausgeber: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Zusammenfassung: 平等是現代社會追求的一種理想。人們期望生活在一個和諧,有秩序,互相尊重的社會環境裡;人人皆能立足於平等的出發點,公平地各盡一己的能力,以獲致自己所欲實現的目的。顯然,一個不重視平等的社會,各人努力發展的出發點,就會有一些不平等的限制,其結果愈有可能造成社會的不平等現象。教育上重視平等的價值,已經為近代學者所承認。因此,為了探討平等與教育的相互關連,特就平等的涵義,平等與不平等,平等觀念的演進及平等與教有,諸如:平等與教育機會、個別差異、教育政策、課程、教學與教師方面之關連,各有所探討。教有平等的意義,由這些問題的商討中,似可以清理出一個較為明確的輪廓來。
Equality is a social ideal that has existed for thousands of years in human history. It isalso a concept of great importance both in sodal and educational fields. It is therefore imperative that we acquire a better understanding of equality This easy tries to present a concretenotion of the relationship between equality and education. Several topics are examined in detail.such as the true meaning of equality, the concept of equality from a historical perspective.equality and inequality and the relation of equality to education. Aslo discussed are the problem of how equality is connected with educational opportunity, educational policy, curriculum.teaching and teacher's attitudes toward the value of equality.
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