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Title: 師範院校機械相關系學生工程圖學空間能力之研究
Other Titles: A Study of Exploring Students' Spatial Ability of Engineering Graphics in Mechanical Department of Normal University
Authors: 康鳳梅
Issue Date: Apr-2000
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討師範院校機械相關系學生工程圖學之空間能力。因此首先針對空間能力的相關理論以文獻探討的方式加以探究,以確立本研究的理論基礎。其次是以專家討論審查會建構空間能力量表,並針對師範院校機械相關系學生進行空間能力的實測,最後進行統計分析以歸納出空間能力量表的常模及空間能力的差異性。綜合實地量測之資料分析的結果,本研究得到如下之結論:一、「空間能力量表」具有良好的信效度:本研究編製之空間能力量表,各分量表之信度係數(KR20)介於0.7771~0.8845,而整體量表之信度達0.9199,顯見具有相當良好的內部一致性。二、「空間能力量表」能有效建立常模:本研究常模之建立,係採用標準九(Sanine)的標準分數為模式。三、兩所師範院校機械相關系學生之空間能力之差異:國立台灣師範大學工教系機械相關學生在立體圖旋轉能力及空間組織能力以及整體空間能力等方面均較國立彰化師範大學工教系學生為高。依據文獻探討、資料分析、及研究結論,本研究茲針對空間能力評測及進一步研究等二方面分別提出下列建議事項:一、對技職校院(含師範院校)機械相關系學生進行大規模的空間能力評測,並逐年測驗且分析及分別列出其他不同專長背景學生之常模。二、進一步研究探討工程圖學空間能力與技術能力之關連性,並藉以提昇技術問題之解決能力。
This study was to explore mechanical majors' spatial ability in engineering graphics at normal universities. Relevant documents on spatial ability were first discussed so as to serve as the theory basis of the study. Expert meeting discussion was then used to construct the scale of spatial ability, and from a series tests on spatial ability in engineering graphics, the data collected were analyzed in statistical methods to conclude the standard module of the spatial ability scale, as well as the difference between the spatial ability of the students at National Taiwan Normal University and that of the students at National Changhua University of Education. The conclusion were as follows: 1. The spatial ability scale has good reliability and validity. 2. The Stanine model can be used to represent the standard module of students' spatial ability. 3. The spatial ability of the mechanical majors at National Taiwan Normal University was better than that of the students at Notional Changhua University of Education.
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