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dc.description.abstract當第四代評鑑提出,打破過往強調科學、客觀、專家取向的評鑑傳統後,更多貼近真實現場,更強調實務參與的評鑑不斷出籠,賦權增能評鑑因應而生。臺灣近來的課程改革充滿賦權增能的精神,學校要負起課程發展之責,並要對課程與教學進行評鑑。然而,在傳統的評鑑典範中,充滿著「監視、評等、考核與比較」的色彩,學校教師對評鑑不禁聞之色變,能避就避,能逃則逃。也因此,評鑑永遠不能如朋友般和教師親近,幫助教師進行反省,解決課程的問題。 本研究結合賦權增能評鑑理念的提出與此次課程改革的精神,認為教師應是學校課程評鑑的主體,學校本位的課程發展需要課程評鑑的機制才能促進課程發展,而教師即是最佳的課程評鑑者。因此,本研究進入一所學校進行長達八個月的研究,探究教師從事課程評鑑前後的轉變、專業的成長與從事課程評鑑的困難點,最後提出學校教師從事課程評鑑的具體建議。zh_tw
dc.description.abstractWhen the fourth generation evaluation appeared and attempted to change the scientific, objective, expert-oriented tradition, there were more and more evaluation methods focusing on real-life practice and participation. As a result, empowerment evaluation showed up. Te recent curriculum reform in Taiwan demonstrates the spirit of empowerment: schools must be responsible for curriculum development and evaluate their own curriculum and effectiveness. However, school administrators and teachers, who still view evaluation as supervision, grading, judgment, and comparison, are afraid of traditional evaluation. Thus, we fail to make use of evaluation as a tool to help educators and teachers to reflect and solve their curriculum problems. This article tries to combine the concept of empowerment evaluation and the spirits of the curriculum reform. We propose that teachers are the subjects of curriculum evaluation in schools. The school-base curriculum development need the curriculum evaluation to accelerate the curriculum change. Thus, teachers are the best curriculum evaluators. This research has been conducted in a school for eight months. We inquiry the change, the professional development and the difficulties of teachers after practicing curriculum evaluation. The last, we propose the suggestions for teachers to implicate curriculum evaluation.en_US
dc.publisherOffice of Research and Developmenten_US
dc.subject.otherTeacher professional developmenten_US
dc.subject.otherCurriculum evaluationen_US
dc.subject.otherEmpowerment evaluationen_US
dc.title.alternativeWhen Teachers Encounter Curriculum Evaluation: The Change and Developmentzh_tw
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