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Title: 一位實習教師的專業社會化歷程
Other Titles: The Socialization of a Probationary Teacher
Authors: 張淑玲
Issue Date: Oct-2001
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究利用詮釋性研究法來分析實習教師在教育實習中的過渡問題。從一位數學實習教師的個人屬性與實習學校環境間之互動情形,本文探討其教學專業之社會化歷程。研究發現,行政人員之角色期望與實習教師之人格需求有衝突時,導致實習教師改變其教育理念、教學思維,並衝擊其情意層面;實習教師若強烈認同某校文化,就較容易在他校經驗較大之文化衝突。影響個案教學知能成長的原因有:行政實習導致個案之教育理念無法落實,教學思維因而改變;實習輔導教師與個案之教學方式契合及未直接介入,強化個案補習班名師式之原生教學觀,加上個案反思之不足,其教學知能因而呈現單一教學策略成長現象。最後,討論教師在教學實作中可行的學習理論。
This is an interpretive study. We investigated the professional socialization of one mathematics probationary teacher by analyzing the interactions between his personal attributes and the school setting where he taught. We found that the probationary teacher's educational view, pedagogical thinking and emotion will be impacted by the conflict between his need-disposition and administrators' role-expectations with respect to probationary teachers; if a probationary teacher strongly committed to some school culture, he would easily experience culture conflict in other school; during one year of the probationary teacher's teaching practice, the growth of his pedagogical knowledge was on the line of reinforcing his original view of teaching that was experienced by him in cram school. Based on this case, we discussed a viable learning theory for teaching practice.
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