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Title: 《紅樓夢》中襲人轉蓬般之性命
Other Titles: Xi-ren's Wind-Blown Fate in The Dream of The Red Chamber
Authors: 許玫芳
Mei-fang Xu
Issue Date: Apr-2005
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 自幼被賣入榮府之襲人,影寫著古代窮人鬻子求生之常例,但因先後服侍榮府之威權者多人,一迴三轉,雖是個富屋貧婢,不過卻人微言重。其一生似轉蓬般之性命有著非典型之婢妾生態。本論文將探討襲人之性格、情感與醫病問題。  襲人辭義溫雅,賢善近人且能變通適會,在榮府賈家吐納間實為《紅樓夢》眾女子「貴德慎行」之典謨,即使仍有私心自適之處,卻溫和而不傷人;其對寶玉之針砭乃從思維及語序中指事配位,積極而正向。襲人之情感世界與時乖違,對寶玉神專而心苦,然因其具隨緣應物之氣質,故情路雖有秋氣之悲,實無途窮之憾,在嫁給蔣玉菡時更深感「福善禍淫,古今定理」。至於襲人的前後二次吐血,前者可能是因食道或鼻咽出血之吐血症,後者看似肺癆。襲人乃《紅樓夢》中多數因吐血或咳血隕身而亡者之例外。  能勇敢面對橫逆,在《紅樓夢》中恐仍是少數。襲人性格柔中帶剛及穩重不煩之風異於《紅樓夢》中所有情感受挫而選擇自殺者,是個少有的「轉念成功」之重要代表人物,一個發慮至情,也是將「大智若愚」表現極為得體之人。
In The Dream of The Red Chamber the young girl Xi-ren, like many other sons and daughters of poor families, was sold to Rong-fu, the mansion of the rich and authoritarian Bao-yu. She serves here as a virtual slave and yet her position was important. Here I will inquire into Xi-ren's personality, emotions and disease. Xi-ren was very mild and flexible, and could serve as a model of virtue for the other ladies in Rong-fu; although somewhat selfish she never wised to harm others. She worked very hard for Bao-yu, yet also taught him to think and talk in the proper way. But her inner world was sad, and she was resigned to having a sad fate. After she married to Yu-han Jiang, she realized "Those who do good deeds will be blessed, just as those who are wicked will suffer." As for Xi-ren throwing up blood two times: in the first time Xi-ren might be had gullet bleeding or nasopharyngeal bleeding, and in the second time Xi-ren seemed to be got tuberculosis. Xi-ren is an exceptional character in the novel due to her strong will, perseverance and ability to maintain a positive attitude in the face of suffering, though she had thought to commit suicide. In certain respects she can also represent the character type of the "wise fool."
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