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Title: 美國事業教育之探源及其對我國延長以職業教育為主的國民教育之啟示
Other Titles: The Roots of American Career Education and Its Implications to the Vocational-Oriented Compulsory Education in the Republic of China
Authors: 饒達欽
Issue Date: Jun-1983
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: This study is intended to analyze the roots and practice of career education in the United States of america as well as to explore its implications to the voca-tional-oriented compulsory education in the Republic of China.Career education was advocated by Dr. Marland in 1971. The main objectives of career education are to integrate vocational education, general education and academic education; to extend the academic world into the world of work; and to help individuals better live in work-oriented society. It is rooted in American work ethic, the philosophy of "change" and "John Dewey", the rugged individualism, and the loosely united couple of school and work-oriented society. The review of literature reveals that there are some similarities of these two societies concerning the current problems in education and manpower development. For this reason some of the following principles of career education could positively contribute to the future development of vocational-oriented compulsory education (V-OCE) in the Republic of China.1. Preparations for successful working careers will be a key objective for V-OCE.2. Every teacher in every course will emphasize whatever that subject matter can contribute to a successful career.3. Learning will not be reserved for the classroom, but learning environ-ments for V-OCE will be identified in the home, community and employing establishments.4. The provision of a comprehensive vocational or career development program involves active cooperation and participation of both school and non-school personnel.5. The V-OCE will seek to extend its time horizons from "womb to tomb".6. The V-OCE will be designed to be free of bias and stereotype.7. The V-OCE will foster flexibility in the attitudes, skills, and knowledge to enable people to cope with the accelerating change and obsolescence in the field.In order to implement these ideas, the vocational-oriented compulsory education must be initiated, The current curricula should be revise
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