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Titel: 技職校院機械相關系電腦輔助製圖教學實施之調查研究
Sonstige Titel: A Study of CAD Teaching at Mechanical Departments in Colleges and Institutes of Technology Vocational Education
Autoren: 康鳳梅
Erscheinungsdatum: Okt-2000
Herausgeber: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Zusammenfassung: 本研究旨在探討技職校院機械相關系電腦輔助製圖(Computer Aided Drawing, 簡稱CAD)的教學現況及學生的學習狀況等。藉以提升技職校院機械相關系改進CAD教學內容之參考。因此首先針對能力項目的相關理論以文獻探討的方式加以探究,以確立本研究的理論基礎。其次是以專家座談的方式建構CAD教學現況訪視問卷,最後則是針對技職校院機械相關系進行實地訪視,以歸納出CAD教學實施的現況及意見。綜合訪視調查問卷之資料分析的結果,本研究得到如下之結論:一、技職校院機械相關系之CAD課程應為二學期,且宜安排在二年級;同時對教師應提供CAD進修機會,對學生則應提供CAD先修之工程圖學課程。二、CAD能力項目學習狀況:必要性較高之能力項目為標註公差配合、繪製剖視圖、尺度標註、尺度標註與註解、3D觀念之建立、3D零件圖繪製等;而滿意度較高之能力項目則為電腦週邊設備之設定、尺度標註、了解加工方式與製程等。
This study aims to explore the current status of Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) teaching at mechanical departments in Colleges and Institutes of Technology and Vocational Education and the students' learning situation so as to provide reference for efforts to improve the teaching content of CAD in the future. The first part of the study focuses on theories related to the required competency and reviews literature in this field in order to set a theoretical foundation for the study. The next step is to develop a questionnaire for interview on CAD teaching by means of experts' panel discussions. The final part of the study involves a site visit to mechanical departments in Colleges and Institutes of Technology and Vocational Education for the purpose of shedding more light on the current situation of CAD teaching and including a rich gamut to opinions into the study. Based on the analysis of the result of questionnaire, the study reaches the following conclusions: 1. CAD course should be divided into two semesters and taught to sophomore. Colleges should provide the teacher with opportunities for further CAD studies while offering the student prep-courses on engineering graphics. 2. The learning status of CAD-related competency items: The competency items that are highly essential include Specifying Tolerance and Fit, Drawing Sections, Dimension, Note and Precision, Construction of 3D concepts, Making 3D Detail Drawing, etc. The competency items that have reached a higher degree of satisfaction include setting up computer peripherals, Dimension, and understanding processing methods and processes, etc.
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