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Title: A Study of Saul Bellow's Dangling Man
Other Titles: 索爾·貝屢小說擺盪的人研究
Authors: 鄭和周
Issue Date: Jun-1987
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 擺盪的人,貝屢的第一部小說,是描述男主角約瑟夫(Joseph)在孤立與疏離生活中尋求新生的故事。背景是芝加哥城。在故事中,男主角一直在追求免於空虛的自由。  約瑟夫準備接受徵召入伍,既不能當兵,又不能就業,兩頭懸空。這段期間,無所事事,可謂自由到了極點。然而,這種無法處理的自由卻使他失去了生活的重心,深深的陷入孤立疏離的狀態之中。就這樣,他的心情越來越壞了,不但與親友鄰居漸趨疏遠,而且與外界無法相處和諧。忍無可忍,他終於要求立刻被徵召入伍,以便結束他那無可奈何的苦悶生活。其實,他的問題是出於自身內在心理的不平衡,並不全是由於那混亂的外在世界。  書中暗示,人只有努力去接受生活環境,認同別人,以愛待人,並以單純生活為目標才是求得解脫和追求新生的不二法門。要改變生活,應先改變自己。
Dangling Man, Saul Bellow's first novel, is a story about Joseph, an alienated hero, in quest of a rebirth. The setting is in the city of Chicago. In the novel, he is engaged in a quest for freedom from a state of emptiness of the mind. During the time when he is waiting for a military draft, Joseph confronts a state of emptiness of the mind. Turing introspective, he becomes a self-centered man, very critical of his friends and his family. Finally, he becomes very much detached from the outside world. His problems, however, is a sort of mental inequilibrium. The book suggests that what might save him is the knowledge of common humanity and that a change of life does not lie so much in a change of the outside world as in a change of the heart and mind.
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