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Title: 協同行動研究
Other Titles: Using Collaborative Action Research to Improve Classroom Discipline
Authors: 林素卿
Issue Date: Apr-2003
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在透過協同行動研究協助高職之初任教師,對班級經營的實務及所遭遇的問題,加以反省與改進。研究成員包括筆者及三位高職導師(二位資深、一位初任),蒐集資料的方法,包括座談、班級經營日誌及訪談。初任教師將「班級常規」界定為行動研究的焦點,小組成員透過不斷的討論,提出各種可能性和不同的觀點,幫助初任老師反省班級的實務、發展行動策略、付諸實施、再檢討與修正。在研究的過程中,初任教師雖常陷入理論與實務之間差距的困惑中,但在研究小組的支持與陪伴下,對高職教師的角色的扮演有更深的體會,學習從學生與不同老師的角度中,看待問題,再根據班級的特性和策略實施的結果,逐步修正自己的班級經營理念與策略。
This study of collaborative action research projects, conducted by one teacher educator and several classroom teachers, focuses on how action research improves the practitioner-researcher's own understanding of (her/his) educational practices. The goal was to help the novice teacher examine problems associated with her own practice and initiate strategies and techniques to attempt solutions to these problems, primarily problems of classroom management and discipline. The literature review for this study covers two areas: action research and classroom management. The key concepts and general design of this study are based on action research: the strategies or steps included posing a question, planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. The knowledge gained from each loop (cycle) was used as the basis for further planning, acting, and reflection. Three classroom teachers (one was a novice teacher, two were expert teachers) from the same junior high school participated in this study. Data were collected from a number of different sources: classroom diaries written by the novice teacher, seminars, and semi-structured interviews Data analysis involved three stages: organizing data, coding data, and analyzing and interpreting data. This study found that collaborative action research can give teachers a greater breadth and depth of understanding of their own pedagogical strategies and thus result in more intelligent teaching on their part. The novice teacher in this study became more sensitive to individual differences within her own classroom and tried to improve the effectiveness of her classroom management. Although participants in this study agreed that collaborative action research was a good way to improve classroom discipline and to support one another's professional development, there was also some consideration of the potential problems and limitations of classroom management action research.
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