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dc.contributor.authorHsiao-Fen Chenen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究旨在探究台灣音樂師資培育與實際教學需要之關係,特別針對高等教育鋼琴課程規定、授課方式、及鋼琴相關課程開設狀況進行調查,同時瞭解國中音樂教師對其所受鋼琴訓練及教學中使用鋼琴之看法,以期有助於確保音樂師資培育課程之一致性,並顧及國中音樂教師對鋼琴的實際需要。 本研究共使用兩份問卷:第一份寄予九位音樂系主任,九所大學皆自民國八十三年師資培育法修訂後參與培育中學音樂師資。第二份寄予自七二一所國中隨機抽樣之二四一所國中,每所國中各由一位音樂教師填答問卷。有效回收率:第一份問卷達100% (N=9) ,第二份問卷達79.32% (N=188) 。 主要研究結果包括:(1) 台灣高等教育已逐漸全面培育師資,但師資培育的目標卻附屬在強調音樂演奏的課程內,且並未反映在鋼琴課程規定中;(2) 大學音樂系主任對於團體鋼琴授課之看法趨向負面,團體鋼琴課程在培訓師資的潛力亦尚未受到肯定;(3) 音樂系主任與國中音樂教師一致認為“視奏”、“配和聲”、及“伴奏”係一般音樂課教學中最重要的三種鋼琴技巧;(4) 國中音樂教師普遍需要大學中強調實用鋼琴技巧之課程,如“伴奏法”、“鏈盤和聲”與“即興演奏”。 本研究提出如下建議:(1) 在強調音樂演奏的課程中,開設涵蓋教育與專業領域規定之教師資格專修課程;(2) 設訂針對音樂能力之基本要求,以確保培育師資的一致性;(3) 以小班授課方式,強調實用鋼琴技巧的教學,以嘉惠未來音樂師資;(4) 增加高等教育主導者與音樂教師之溝通,以彌補師資培育與實際教學需要之差距。zh_tw
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of the study is to determine the relationship between preservice training and inservice practice in Taiwan. More specifically, this study examines piano requirements, types of piano instruction, and piano-related course offerings in higher education, as well as junior high school music teachers' perceptions of their piano training and the use of the piano in general music teaching. This study provides recommendations to establish national consistency for Taiwan's teacher education programs that consider the practical piano needs of secondary school teachers. Two questionnaires were developed: one was sent to chairpersons of music departments at nine universities which have been involved in secondary school teachereducation since the implementation of the 1994 Teacher Act; the other was sent to 241 junior high schools randomly selected from 721 schools. From each of these schools, one music teacher was surveyed. The valid return rate reached 100% (N=9) from the first questionnaire and 79.32% (N=188) from the second questionnaire. The major findings are: (l) higher education in Taiwan increasingly focuses on preparing teachers, yet the goal of training general music teachers is only an affiliated one in applied music degree programs, and is not reflected in undergraduate degree piano requirements; (2) the chairpersons' attitudes toward group piano instruction tend to be negative, and the potential effectiveness of group piano teaching in preparing general music teachers is not recognized; (3) "sight-reading," "harmonization," and "accompanying," were ranked as the three most important piano skills in general music teaching by both chairpersons and music teachers; (4) junior high school teachers detailed a need for university courses that address functional skills such as "accompanying," " keyboard harmony," and "improvisation." Recommendations include: (1) implementing a certificate program that addresses requirements both in professional education and speen_US
dc.publisherOffice of Research and Developmenten_US
dc.subject.otherFunctional keyboard skillsen_US
dc.subject.otherInservice teaching demandsen_US
dc.subject.otherPiano proficiencyen_US
dc.subject.otherPreservice trainingen_US
dc.titleAn Investigation of Piano Training in Higher Education and Suggestions for Preparing Secondary School Music Teachers in Taiwanzh-tw
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