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Title: 學校行政永續發展的理念與實踐
Other Titles: The Idea and Praxis of Continuity of School Administration: The Perspective of Historical Consciousness
Authors: 黃乃熒
Issue Date: Oct-2000
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本文旨在以歷史意識為本,視歷史是開展生活型態的動力引擎,來建構學校行政永續發展的理念,以及相關的實踐方法,並藉此探究學校行政革新的哲學。過去學校行政永續經營的理念,未以歷史意識為本,會出現兩種問題:一為忽略歷史情感的尊重,而產生合法性不足的問題;一為受歷史效應的束縛,而產生創意不足的問題,兩者皆會阻礙學校行政的永續發展。然而學校行政永續經營的理念,若以歷史意識為本,會視歷史為增進思考的素材,兼顧歷史情感的尊重及社會關係的發展,將有助於學校行政的永續發展。最後本文也分析學校行政永續發展與實踐策略。
The study is to discuss the idea and praxis in change of school administration through the perspective of historical consciousness. The idea emphasizes that history can be viewed as both assets and debts. The study tries to use the historical perspective to construct the methodology of change of scholl administration. In fact, there are traditionally two kinds of problems that hinder the continuity of school administration. One is the ignorance of members' historical feelings; the othe is the limit of historical effects. The former will cause the problem of legitimacy deficit in change of scholl administration. The latter will lead to the problem of less creativity. Both of them will hinder the continuity of school administration. Based on the above dialectics, the idea of continuity in change of school administration stresses historical consciousness. Such historical consciousness concerns both the respect of historical feeling and the development of historical reality. These two kinds of historical mechanisms can help develop the continuity of school administration. Finally, the study suggests the strategies to practice the idea of the continuity of school administration.
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