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Title: 專科學校採行推薦甄選制對學生來源與學習成效的影響
Other Titles: Impact of the Recommendation-and-Selection Entrance Mode on the Regional Distribution of Students and Their Learning Achievement in a Junior College of Technology: A Case Study of Nan Kai Institute of Technology
Authors: 許聰鑫
Issue Date: Apr-2005
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 多元入學制度對考生與家長的衝擊已引起廣泛討論,然而卻不見多元入學制度對學校衝擊之探討。本文將從專科學校學生來源的變化以及學生的學習成效兩個角度來 看推薦甄選入學對學校的衝擊。推薦甄選入學的實施是否改變了學生的來源結構?推甄生的學習成效是否較低?若是,是否肇因於入學素質原本就較低?研究結果顯 示:推薦甄選入學的實施雖然改變了學生來源結構,但是整體而言,並未改變原本「區域化」之現象;在入學初期,推甄生的學習成效確實較低,這乃肇因於推甄生 的平均素質原本就較低。以上研究結果誘發「區域化」與「本地化」、「排擠效應」及「同質化」等三個現象,針對這三個現象,本文闡述了它們所帶來的啟示。
The impact of new, non-exam-based recruitment and admissions modes on students and their parents has been discussed widely. However, the impact of these modes on educational institutions themselves has long been ignored. This paper tries to determine both the regional distribution of students and, after they have been admitted through a recommendation-and-selection entrance (RSE) mode, their learning achievement in a technology junior college. One question concerns the degree to which the regional distribution of students has been changed since the mode of RSE began to be one of the entrance-exam modes for admitting new students. Although analysis shows that the regional distribution of students in these cases has been changed, the local regionalization of regional distribution has the same effect in general. Further, are students recruited through the RSE mode always learning effectively? However, the findings of this study show that students recruited from RSE mode are learning less effectively than those from joint examination. If this is the case, does the major reason lie in their pre-existing learning capacity? The findings also reveal that due to their pre-existing weak foundation, students recruited through the RSE mode demonstrate poor learning achievement both in the initial and the following stages of admissions. The results of this research identify three phenomena: regionalization and localization, exclusiveness, and assimilation.
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