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Title: 李退溪的經世思想
Other Titles: The Governing Thoughts of T'oegye
Authors: 田博元
Issue Date: Jun-1986
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 李退溪先生是韓國李朝時代的大儒,博觀經傅,兼通性理諸書。其學出自中國宋朝的朱熹,以明理為體,以經世為用,充滿淑世的精神。退溪的經世思想,是典型的儒家思想。遠承孔、孟的心法,近守朱子的遺教。政治方面,注重德治,而以孝、悌、慈為本。德治的實現,則端在乎君臣。君明臣賢,天下致治;君闇臣佞,天下混亂。而君臣二者間,國君與德治的關係更為密切。為輔養聖德,退溪以筆代口,上疏帝王之學,此即史家稱道的「戊辰六條疏」。同時獻「聖學十圖」,並親自進講。退溪愛君憂國的熱忱,由斯可見。對於人才的培育,退溪更引為己任。陶山書堂,即是退溪親手建成的教育場所,曾培養出三百餘名的國家棟梁。對於推展教化,蔚養學風,卓有貢獻。退溪先生畢生窮究理學,而志在聖賢事業。雖以身病體弱,不堪重任,但是退溪無論在朝在野,都非常關心君國大事,留意民生疾苦。「其術足以匡時,其言足以救世」,稱先生為通儒,誰曰不宜
T'oegye, a great Confucian scholar of Lee Dynasty (李朝) in Korea, read a great number of classic books and biographies. He was also versed in various books about human nature and rationality. His learning was derived from Ju Shi (朱熹) of Sung Dynasty (宋朝 ) in China. It adopts comprehension of rationality as the fundamental while applying it to governing the world; therefore, his learning is filled with ideas to better the world. The governing thoughts of T'oegye were typical Confucian thoughts. They originated in the mental way of comprehension in Confucius and Mencius and abode by Ju Tze's teaching which was left to posterity. In politics, they emphasized the governing of the country by means of virtue, and regarded filial piety, brotherhood, mercy as the funda-mental of virtue governing. The realization of a moral rule depends on the king and his statesmen. If there are wise king and good statesmen, the whole country will be well ruled. If the king is unwise and the statesmen, flattering, the whole country will become chaotic. The king is closely related to a rule by means of virtue. In order to cultivate the virtue of the king, T'oegye wrote to the king, discussing the theory of being a king and this is the so called "Wu Chen Liou Tiau Su" (戊辰六條疏) praised by the historians. In the meantime, he submitted "Sen Shue She Tou" ( 聖學十圖) and explained it personally to the king. T'oegye's concern for the king and the country can be seen very clearly from all this. The cultivation of people is considered by T'oegye his own responsibility. "The Private School Taur Shan" ( 陶山書堂 ) was built by him as a place for education, and more than three hundred and ten. people politically important had been educated here. He contributed a lot to education and developed interest in learning. T'oegye dedicated his whole life to the study of the theory of rationality, and he meant to follow the career of the saints and wise kings. Inspite of his poor health which kept him away from the polit
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