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Title: 國民中小學教師擔任校外交通導護工作之研究
Other Titles: Elementary and Middle School Teachers' Perception of Their Morning and Afternoon Traffic Supervision Duty
Authors: 許籐繼
Issue Date: Oct-2006
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國民中小學教師擔任校外交通導護工作之適法性與對該項工作之知覺,研究執行分為四階段:首先進行文獻分析,其次召開座談會議,第三舉行公聽 會議、及最後進行學校教育人員問卷調查。研究結果提出五點結論:第一,教師擔任校外交通導護工作適法性有待商榷;第二,校外交通導護工作應朝法制化途徑加 以規範;第三,教師擔任校外交通導護工作範圍傾向限於校門口及學校圍牆四周;第四,各級政府及相關單位需為擔任校外交通導護工作者擬訂配套措施;第五,擔 任校外交通導護工作造成教師的另一種壓力。根據結論,本研究分別針對中央政府、地方政府以及學校機構,提出校外交通導護問題的解決建議。
The purpose of this study was to investigate elementary and middle school teachers’ perception of their legal responsibility or duty to direct traffic for students entering and leaving school. The study was conducted in four stages. First, the researchers analyzed the literature; second, we held a panel discussion; third, we organized two public hearings to discuss the issue; finally, we conducted a random survey of school educators. Five conclusions were drawn from this study: (1) Legislation is needed that can clearly define the responsibilities of school teachers, and especially their traffic-directing duty when students enter and leave school each day; (2) teachers who are responsible for student safety need more support; (3) teachers’ responsibility for student safety should be limited to the area between the school gates and the classrooms; (4) the government should consider this issue and provide more guidelines and assistance for teachers and also for parents who are responsible for student safety; (5) from the school teachers’ viewpoint, being a traffic supervisor can cause a certain degree of stress. Based on these conclusions, we also provide some suggestions for the central government, the local government, and the schools as to how they may help solve the problem of traffic supervision at the elementary schools.
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