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Title: 影響運動績優保送生訓練意願因素之調查分析
Other Titles: An Investigation of Factors Influencing the Training Desire of Elite Athletes
Authors: 黃金柱
Issue Date: Jun-1984
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究採調查研究法,以自編之「保送選手訓練情況問卷」為調查工具,探討影響大專院校體育系、科運動成績優良保送生訓練意願之學校、個人、社會、家庭諸因素,並透過不同自變項之設計以瞭解不同受試類別在問卷各因素得分之差異情形。本研究受試對象為保送到師大、輔大、文大等三所大學體育系,及台中、台北二所體專之二、三、四或二、三年級運動成績優良保送生。總計發出問卷數270份,其中師大體育系60份,輔大體育系55份,文大體育系60份,省立台中體專50份,市立台北體專45份收回230份,回收率85.%;其中師大有效卷50 份、輔大有效卷45份、文大有效卷56份、省立台中體專36份、市立台北體專33份,有效卷共計220份,佔總問卷數的81.4%。本研究於民國七十二年九月上旬發出問卷,十月上詢問卷全部收回,十二月做資料處理及統計。受試對象在問卷各因素得分之平均,以獨立樣本單因子變異數分析考驗其差異是否達顯著水準,如達顯著者水準則進一步以薛費氏法事後比較作考驗,以確定那二對平均數間確有真正差異,茲將本研究獲致之重要結果列陳如後:一、男、女保送生訓練意願受學校、個人、社會、家庭影響之情形:(一)就男保送聲言,文大體育系男保送生訓練意願受學校因素之影響大於師大、台北體專男保送生;文大體育男保送生訓練意願受個人因素之影響大於師大男保送生。(二)就女保送生而言,文大體育系女保送生訓練意願受家庭因素直之影響大於師大女保送生。(三)就男、女保送生間言,女保送生訓練意願受學校因素之影響大於男保送生。二、不同年級別保送生訓練意願受學校、個人、社會、家庭因素影響之情形:(一)就師大、輔大、文大體育系三年級保送生言,文大體育系三年級保送生訓練意願受學校因素及個人因素之影響大於師大體育系三年級保送生,文大體育系三年級保送生訓練意願受學校因素之影響大於輔大體育系三年級保送生。(二)就師大、輔大、文大體育系四年級保送生言,文大體育系四年級保送生訓練意願受學校因素、個人因素、家庭因素之影響大於師大四年級保送生,輔大體育系四年級保送生訓練意願受學校因素之影響大於師大四年級保送生,(三)就師大、輔大、文大二、三、四不同年級別言,三年級保送生訓練意願受個人因素之影響大於二年級保送生。(四)就台北體專、台中體專二、三不同年級別保送生言,三年級保送生訓練意願受個人因素之影響大於二年級保送生。三、住校內和校外保送生訓練意願受學校、個人、社會、家庭因素影響之情形:(一)就不同學校類別住校內保送生言,文大體育系住校內保送生訓練意願受學校因素之影響大於師大,文大體育系住校內保送生訓練意願受個人因素之影響大於師大、中體、北體等住校內保送生。(二)就住校內、住校外保送生間言,住校外保送生訓練意願受學校因素、家庭因素之影響大於住校內保送生。
The purpose of this study is to examine school, individual, social, and family factors influencing the training desire of elite athletes at two colleges of physical education (P.E.) and in the departments of P.E. at three universities; at the same time, to understand the difference of total score or each factor score of the ques-tionnaire among the various subjects The survey method and self-developed "questionnaire of training conditions for Pao-Shung elite athletes" were used. Subjects consisted of those who were screened by the Ministry of Education for their sports specialties during high school, and now P. E. major students at the National Taiwan Normal Univ. (N.T.N. U.), Fu-Jen Univ., Chinese Culture Univ. (C.C.U.), Provincial Taichung College of P. E. and the Municipal Taipei College of P.E. A total of 270 pieces of questionnaire were sent by mail, 230 pieces were returned, the rate of return was 85.1%; effective pieces were 220, the rate of effective pieces was 81.4%. This study began on Sept. 15, 1983, all questionnaires mailed were returned before Oct. 5, 1983. All questionnaires returned were processed and classified, and the calculation was worked out at the end of Dec. 1983. The Mean Score difference of each factor was tested by means of independent analysis of variance; if the difference reached a significant level statistically, the two groups scores were further tested by mans of Sheffe' Posteriori Comparisons Method for ascertaining the true difference between any two groups scores. According to the previous principles, the significant findings are shown as follows: I.The conditions of school, individual, social, family factors influencing the training desire of elite athletes of different sex are shown as follows: (1)On the part of the training desire of male Pao-Shung elite athletes, the influence of individual factor on those enrolled at C.C.U., was greater than those enrolled at N.T.N.U. (2)As for the training desire of female Pao-Shung elite at
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