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Title: 新出墓誌與唐代崔氏文學家族研究
Other Titles: A Study on Newly Unearthed Epitaphs and the Ts'ui Literary Family in the Tang Dynasty-An Investigation Centered on the Ts'ui Rong Family Line in Qinghe
Authors: 胡可先
Ke-Xian Hu
Issue Date: Sep-2012
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 崔氏為唐代的望族,數代擅長文學,堪稱文學世家。新出土文獻中,崔氏墓誌頗多,僅詩人墓誌就有〈崔尚墓誌〉、〈崔翹墓誌〉、〈崔元略墓誌〉、〈崔泰之墓誌〉、〈崔河墓誌〉、〈崔備墓誌〉及〈崔安潛墓誌〉七方,這對於研究唐代崔氏家族的文學傳承具有重要意義。這些墓誌又可別為四個族系:崔尚、崔翹、崔安潛屬於崔融一系,為崔氏南祖房;崔泰之與崔備為一系,為崔氏許州那陵房;崔元略屬於博陵大房;崔河屬於博陵二房。論文以崔融一系為討論的重點,從五個方面展開:一、崔氏家族詩人墓誌的出土情況;二、崔尚的文學實績;三、崔翹的文學實績;四、崔安潛的文學實績;五、崔融文學世家的傳承。主要考察崔融一系文學家族的事蹟'與崔融一系和清河崔氏文學家族的關係。
The Ts'ui family was a famous family in the Tang Dynasty. Multiple generations of the family possessed literary talent, and the Ts'ui were known as a literary family. Recently discovered documents contain many Ts'ui epitaphs. There are seven poet epitaphs, including the “Ts'ui Shang epitaph,"“Ts'ui Qiao epitaph,"“Ts'ui Yuanlue epitaph," epitaph,"“Ts'、ui Bei ep抖itaph ," and the “ Ts'ui Anqian epitaph." The epitaphs have substantial value for researching Tang Dynasty Ts'ui family litera可heritage. These epitaphs can be divided into four family lines. The Ts'ui Rong family line includes Ts'ui Shang, Ts'ui Qiao, and Ts'ui Anqian and represent the southern Ts'ui family line. Ts'ui Taizhi and Ts'ui Bei belong to the same line, whichrepresents the Xuzhou Yanling line of the Ts'ui family. Ts'ui Yuanlue belongs to the major Boling line and Ts'ui Mian belongs to the secondary Boling line. This study focuses on the Ts'ui Rong line, analyzing five aspects: 1. The excavation of the Ts'ui family poet epitaphs; 2. the literary achievements ofTs'ui Shang; 3. the literary achievements ofTs'ui Qiao; 4. the literary achievements of Ts'ui Anqian; and 5. the heritage of the Ts'ui Rong literary family. This study examines the achievements of the literary Ts'ui Rong family line and their relationship with the Ts'ui literary family of Qinghe.
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